Cardano Community Digest - 14 November 2022

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Focal points of the week

Driving Blockchain Technology

In recent months the Cardano Foundation has released a series of blog posts about the Foundation’s activities throughout 2022 to date:

In part 1 of the series we discussed joining the Linux Foundation as a Gold member, WEF Davos 2022, the Women in Tech Global Summit in Paris, Consensus 2022, and many more topics.

In pert 2 of the series we reaffirmed our commitment to our community with the delegation strategy, our Spotlight on Stake Pools series, the first edition of the Annual State of the Cardano Developer Ecosystem survey, our partnership with the University of Zurich (UZH), and many more topics.

The 3rd instalment of the series focuses on the Foundation’s efforts to increase funding for community-oriented events including CardanoRio 2022, Blockchain Sydney, cNFTcon, Web 3 Expo (W3BX), and Rare Bloom. For the Cardano Summit, we’ve also emphasized our commitment to empowering the community by supporting over 50 worldwide community-led events. This, and much more.

Community Code Of Conduct

The Cardano community consists of people from all over the world, who have come together to grow and safeguard the spirit and the future of Cardano. All participants in the community are expected to act lawfully, honestly, ethically and in the best interest of the project.

Because of recent events that took place within our community, we feel it’s important to remind everyone of the Community Code Of Conduct. This Code of Conduct offers rules and guidelines designed to aid judgment within our community and keep it a clean and well-lighted place for civilised public interactions.

New SDK for Hydra Heads – Hydra for payments

In a guest blog post by Obsidian Systems on the IOHK blog a compelling new use case leveraging the Hydra Head protocol was introduced. To refresh our memories, the Hydra Head is an off-chain miniledger between a relatively small group of participants, which works similarly but faster than the main on-chain ledger. Obsidian Systems introduces Hydra for Payments an open-source SDK for implementing payment solutions in the Cardano ecosystem.

By offering an SDK leveraging the Hydra family of protocols and targeting light wallet developers, Hydra for Payments will unlock the power of micropayments in the Cardano ecosystem. It’s the first step in the direction of a full-blown payment network like the Bitcoins Lightning Network. Integrating with existing light wallets will allow for a streamlined user experience, a reduction in overall operating costs, and a higher throughput on the Cardano network.

Going forward, the Obsidian Systems team wants to work on a CIP to establish a standard for managing Hydra infrastructure. This will eventually allow for interacting with layer 2 DApps to meet end-users needs.

When looking ahead to future improvements of the Hydra protocol, one of the most exciting features that will be possible is to commit and de-commit funds in existing open Heads. This enables users to add or withdraw assets in open payment channels.

If you are interested to find out more, join the Hydra Discord channel for further discussion.

Parameter Changes - Community Feedback

On October 27, 2022, IOG published a blog post which outlines the pros and cons of the different approaches to adjusting the k parameter and the minimum pool fee for you, the community, to review. In the course of this, a survey was also launched and the results were recently published.

See the results of the survey!

Attend the Cardano Summit 2022 - Virtually

Want to attend the main stage event without physically going to Lausanne?

Our virtual Summit Lodge will be available for everyone to interact and enjoy as part of the Cardano Summit 2022. Skip the luggage and experience the Summit in the virtual world—some fun surprises to be revealed!

To register for the virtual event, please add your details here. You’ll be sent an access link closer to the date of the event.

Other Cardano related News

  • Frederik Gregaard’s op-ed in CoinDesk about the importance of innovation and the need to not only build solutions that contribute to society, but also to democratize and simplify finance in a way that will enable access and inclusion for everyone. source

  • Several community-led Summit events sold out! Those already at full capacity include Seoul, Bangkok, Dubai, Singapore, Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Delhi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Madrid, Washington DC, and Ho Chi Minh City. With less than one week to go, better get your tickets for the Summit now. There are three ways to attend: virtually, main stage event in Lausanne, and 50 community-led events across the world.

Cardano Reddit Top 10 Most Engaged Topics

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Cardano Blockchain insights


A cryptographic token that represents a footprint of value defined by the community, market state, or self-governed entity. A token can be fungible (tradable) or non-fungible (unique), and act as a payment unit, reward, trading asset, or information holder.

Recently held Meetups

Other meetups around the world:

* 08 September 2022 Cardano Meetup Amsterdam. More info
* 22 September 2022 Structures of Decentralized Governance and Computing More info
* 28-29 September 2022 Token 2049 After Party: Cardano Pool Party in Singapore! More info
* 29 September 2022 LATAM Community September Recap. More info
* 8-9 October 2022 CNFT Con in Las Vegas. More info
* 14-15 October 2022 Rare Bloom event at the Gaylord Rockies, Colorado. More info

Upcoming Ecosystem (Internal/Public) Events

* 18-19 November 2022 O ScotFest: the age of Voltaire More info
* 19-21 November 2022 Cardano Summit 2022. More info

Recently held Ambassador Calls

  • 12 October 2022 Open Translator Call
  • 12 October 2022 Open Moderator Call
  • 19 October 2022 Open Content Creator Call
  • 19 October 2022 Open Meetup Organizer Call
  • 19 October 2022 Monthly Ambassador Call
  • 20 October 2022 Monthly Ambassador Call
  • 2 November 2022 Open Moderator Call
  • 9 November 2022 Open Meetup Organizer Call
  • 9 November 2022 Open Content Creator Call
  • 10 November 2022 Monthly Ambassador Call

Bi-weekly CIP editor Meeting on Discord

Are you interested in attending CIP editor meetings? Join the Discord channel to learn more about this interesting community where ideas and recommended changes are all discussed.

Cardano Wiki

Smart Contracts - Speed & Convenience

Cardano has been known to achieve 250 Transactions Per Second (TPS) with plans to grow this number much higher. The 250 TPS simply means the number of transactions that get to be processed on the blockchain each second. This number compares very favorably to other popular networks: Ethereum, for example, is currently at only 30 TPS, which leads to network congestion and high costs for users.

The birth of Smart Contracts was back in 2014, when Charles Hoskinson and others launched the first 2nd generation blockchain, Ethereum, which brought a programming language to blockchain. The ability to run any computer programing logic on the blockchain made smart contracts possible. A Smart Contract works by embedding the involved parties’ terms and conditions and then executing the transaction when those particular terms and conditions are met. Smart Contracts make it easy for users of blockchain to get transparent and trustless interactions…

How exactly do Smart Contracts work?

Just like any other kind of transaction, there are conjunction words that are used to develop the terms and conditions. The “If” and “When” are written into code and on a blockchain and embedded within the transaction so that Smart Contracts can follow them. The involved parties or participants need to define all the rules that will govern their transaction and make sure to look at all the exclusions. An example of a transaction within a Smart Contract would be “I will pay you when you do my laundry” This means that you only get the payment once you are done with the laundry.

Generally, Smart Contracts come with a lot of ease when it comes to making transactions. It has removed the need for intermediaries who would otherwise carry out the transaction, and who might even alter it for personal gains, not to mention the fact that they come at a certain cost. Speed is guaranteed, as Smart Contracts are automated. This means that as long as the preset conditions are met, the contract is immediately executed. There is no wastage of time during the execution of the transaction. On Cardano, Smart Contracts can do basically what a human being can do like cast a vote or even stake their ADA.

We are just at the beginning of the story of what Smart Contracts can do. As this tool becomes more popular and well-known, having a reliable network with high TPS will become even more important! We think Cardano is well-positioned to continue being a leader in this space… Source (Lido Nation)

Spotlight for Community-built Tools

The Developer Portal was created to foster a home for developers who are dedicated to building tools and services on Cardano. The platform allows developers to not only collaborate on projects but also to showcase their works.

The Developer Portal aspires to become a credible source where users can search for tools to fit their needs.

Community projects already running on mainnet are encouraged to add their projects to the Developer Portal.

  • Voteaire Voteaire allows everyone in the ecosystem to create a poll. All results are weighted. All proposals and votes are stored publicly on-chain.
  • Carda Station Explore this virtual world on the moon with an in game avatar, and interact with other players through hangouts, games or events…
  • TAMPD Use the public blockchains to timestamp your files with indelible proof and mint with linked NFC physical tags for embedment in physical objects…

Network insights


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