Cardano Community Digest - 17 October 2022

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Focal points of the week

NMKR takes the stage with decentralized identities

This week marked a momentous feat and addition to the Cardano ecosystem, as @nmkr_io was able to deliver decentralized identities in the NMKR studio.

The inception of this feat occurred at the beginning of the year when CIP-066 was initially created together with @IAM_X_IDENTITY. This achievement means that creators of NFT collections can now connect their Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) with NFTs, enabling them to verifiably prove that they’re really who they say they are! This will be an extremely important first step towards less fraud, rug pulls & identity theft on the blockchain!

Community members who are interested in learning more or who wish to participate in the further development of this standard may head on over to CIP-0066? | NFT Identity by Padierfind · Pull Request #294 · cardano-foundation/CIPs · GitHub.

Cardano Minimum Attack Vector (MAV) at 24

What does it mean that Cardano’s MAV is increasing, and why does it matter?

To get a better understanding of this we first need to understand what the Minimum Attack Vector is.

In other words, the MAV is the minimum number of actors required to collude together to successfully slow down or block Cardano from functioning. For a more detailed summary, please read here.

A MAV of 1 would mean that there is only one actor needed to control a majority stake in the network. Having only 1 node own a majority stake in the network plainly demonstrates that it is anything but decentralized.

A MAV of 24 means that a total of 24 actors/nodes would need to work together in order to achieve a majority stake. The higher the MAV score, the more difficult it is to reach an agreement among all participants to take over the network. This is why using a measurement like the MAV is important, because it tells us how decentralised our network is, especially when compared to other platforms, like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

So how do we make sure Cardano’s MAV continues to grow and remains healthy?

The best way to continuously increase the MAV of Cardano is by somehow convincing delegators to not centralize their stake, but to re-delegate as much as possible to single pools.

It is in the best interest of everyone within our ecosystem to have a resilient, and more decentralized blockchain.

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Preparations for the Cardano 2022 Summit are In full swing.

In the past week, a large number of community-led event organisers have received budget confirmations for their venue, and we have received a large number of speaker nominations, including large amounts of award nominations across multiple categories. Since the online voting form is still open, community members can still use the voting form to nominate their favorite community member.

And we also have great news for our SPO community:

For the first time ever we are organizing a special SPOs breakout room session where many topics will be addressed, such as how to effectively market a stake pool, build a successful brand, CF delegation strategy, what the Cardano Foundation is currently doing for SPOs, our outlook for the future, and more.

cNCFTCON kick-off in Las Vegas

On October 8th to 9th 2022, the long-awaited cNCFTcon event took place, with hundreds of community members attending the first-ever Cardano-specific NFT conference.

Attendees got the chance to meet for the first time, network with businesses and government officials, and learn about a range of Web3 topics such as Artificial Intelligence, NFTs, DAOs, Staking, Blockchain, Digital IDs, Security, and the Metaverse - all over the course of two days.

There were many recognizable names present, including Sebastien Guillemot, co-founder of dcSpark (who had traveled all the way from Japan), Peter Bui (who had traveled all the way from New Zealand), Rick McCracken, Andrew Westberg, Adam Dean, Charles Hoskinson, and many, many more. For a summary of the weekend, please visit the hashtag twitter page and go through the numerous tweets representing diverse perspectives.

RareBloom Event Live this past weekend

This past weekend lots of Cardano community members came together in Gaylord, Colorado to celebrate the first-ever, and long-awaited, Cardano pioneering and networking event.

The event comprised of innovators, builders, entrepreneurs, creatives, marketers and educators, all from across the globe. From DeFi to stake pools, Project Catalyst to AI, NFT’s to applications. Inspirational speakers, captivating panels, live music, giveaways and a whole range of interactivity to create a fun and engaging event.

Quite a bit of community members who joined the cNCTCon event in Las Vegas, also traveled further to Colorado for the RareBloom event.

We saw Daniel Friedman and the famous Hosky, K₳izen Crypto, Rick McCracken, Bullish Dumplin, Adam Dean, DcSparks, and many many more.

Below are a few impressions, but if you would like to get a better experience please consider heading over to BigPey’s, YouTube channel where you’ll find hours of Live streaming content.

Ambassador Stories, Journal #30: Lucas Macchiavelli & Martin Ungar

This week, we’re proud to once again present two new Ambassador Stories. This time we bring you the stories of Benjamin Moore & Anthony Capriotti (also know as the Cardano meme-master). Benjamin has joined the Ambassador ranks as a Meetup organizer, and Anthony as a Content Creator. Their stories not only give insight into how they contribute to the further advancement of our ecosystem, but also give you a small look into their personal lives. We hope you enjoy reading their stories as much as we did interviewing them.

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Cardano Blockchain insights


A digital (decentralized) application that runs on the blockchain. Just like a mobile app runs on your iOS or Android device, a Cardano DApp runs on the Cardano blockchain. There are various categories of DApps, such as DeFi products, NFT markets, wallets, exchanges, games, and more.

Recently held Meetups

Other meetups around the world:

Here are two pictures from the Seattle meetup. For more pictures and a short description, see Cardano Forum

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Upcoming Ecosystem (Internal/Public) Events

  • 19-21 November 2022 Cardano Summit 2022. More info

Recently held Ambassador Calls

  • 7 September 2022 Open Content Creator Call
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Bi-weekly CIP editor Meeting on Discord

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Cardano Wiki

Monetary policy

The monetary policy of the Cardano network is built into the protocol source code. It contains, for example, a maximum number of ADA coins that will never be more than 45,000,000,000. Also rules for fee collection, initial distribution of ADA coins, monetary expansion, rewarding pool operators and stakers, use of project treasury, etc.

Monetary policy aims to keep the protocol sustainable in the long term and to ensure its decentralisation and security. Monetary policy must provide sufficient economic incentive to maintain the protocol and develop the ecosystem. More than 75% of ADA coins are already in circulation. The protocol will distribute the remaining coins periodically each epoch in the coming years as rewards for pool operators and stakers. Part of the rewards go to the project treasury. The Cardano protocol has a capped number of coins and will only depend on fees in the future. There is no never-ending inflation of ADA coins. Source

Spotlight for Community-built Tools

The Developer Portal was created to foster a home for developers who are dedicated to building tools and services on Cardano. The platform allows developers to not only collaborate on projects but also to showcase their works.

The Developer Portal aspires to become a credible source where users can search for tools to fit their needs.

Community projects already running on mainnet are encouraged to add their projects to the Developer Portal.

  • Bakrypt offers backend tools and Cloud storage services for brands, companies, and creators to help them build their NFTs.
  • CARP (Cardano Postgres Indexer) A modular indexer for Cardano with an SQL Postgres backend.
  • API provides a public Grafana datasource for pool operators with several operational metrics related to a stake pool…

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