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Cardano Monthly Product Management Update for April - 30/04/2020

Join us on Thursday, 30th April, for the next edition of our new LIVE update shows. We’ll share what’s happening in the Cardano world, including the latest on the Haskell Shelley testnet, Adrestia, the R9B code audit and much more.

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IOHK Releases New Daedalus Mainnet Wallet

Daedalus Wallet Mainnet release:
Last week, IOHK has released a new and updated version of the Daedalus mainnet wallet. This release was made possible by the enormous amount of feedback the Daedalus Flight program has generated. Daedalus 1.0.0 brings significant enhancements to Daedalus, including advancements in stability, reliability, and performance. Users on all platforms should see improvements in connection, blockchain synchronization & wallet restoration speed, as well as reduced memory usage.

Daedalus 1.0.0 brings new features, including background blockchain synchronization, a wallet import feature, mandatory spending passwords, Yoroi support, transaction filtering, a new update mechanism, and redesigned, faster wallet restoration.

Experience Daedalus 1.0.0 today. Check out our introductory video and installation guide, then download it now, only from our official site

Download the latest Daedalus Mainnet wallet

Watch the installation instructions video

There’s also he Daedalus Flight program.
The Daedalus team is opening up IOHK’s wallet testing program to all ada owners. The aim is to seek the help of a broad range of people who can test – on a rolling basis – the latest interface features being readied for the next release version of Daedalus. This will be a fully-functioning version of the wallet, called Daedalus Flight, so you will be able to spend and receive ada as usual – and give the team valuable feedback to improve the experience with each release.

Daedalus Product Manager Darko Mijić has laid out the details for people who want to take part.

*Please note: Daedalus Flight is not recommended for beginners that are new to crypto or Daedalus wallet. Real mainnet ada is being used! Please use at your own peruse.

Read the full Daedalus Flight blog here

Cardano’s Score in FCAS Rating

Last week Cardano scored five “Superbs” for Code Improvements, Community Involvement, Developer Behavior, Liquidity and Code Contributions. It also secured three “Attractives” for Market Maturity, Network Activity and User Activity. Cardano’s overall FCAS rating, Developer Behavior and Market Maturity scores show an upward trend.
For a more detailed explanation, see the Cardano Foundation’s Twitter thread here.

Cardano Translator Ambassador Rodrigo also wrote a short summary of Cardano’s achievements on the forum. Check it out below!

(Please note: to view the FCAS Ratings you will need to log in to their platform.)

Read Rodrigo’s summary

IOHK Blog: Merging formal methods and agile development to build Cardano

IOHK is building Cardano into a global financial and social operating system. This enormous task requires both quick iteration and absolute precision, which is why IOHK has chosen to combine the speed of agile development with high assurance code and formal methods. Fusing flexibility and formality led our engineers to pioneer this modern development philosophy.

Read the full blog

The Cardano Effect: Transition to Shelley Mainnet, Recent Whiteboard, SANBA TCE 85

Charles Hoskinson surprised and joined The Cardano Effect live! There he talked about his latest Cardano news, whiteboard video, and shared some updates including transition to mainnet Shelley, the ‘d’ parameter, and SANBA.

Check out TCE Episode 85 with Charles Hoskinson

Charles Hoskinson Online Whiteboard presentation: “How we will launch Shelley”

With the Byron reboot currently underway, here’s Charles Hoskinson with an essential new whiteboard video to take us through the process we are following to launch Shelley step by step. We highly recommend you watch this!

Watch the presentation

Charles Hoskinson Explanation on how the Byron to Shelley wallet transition will work

On April 21st 2020 Charles Hoskinson sat down for an update on how Cardano will move from Byron to Shelley.

Quick Summary:

  • All Cardano wallets will be migrating over to a BECH32 format.
  • Only Cardano wallets operating on BECH32 will be able to delegate and vote.
  • The process for transitioning to Shelley during the upgrade phase will be laid out in a step-by-step guide.
  • Writing down and protecting pass-phrases is absolutely crucial to transitioning to Shelley.
  • Ledger support and paper wallet support will be available during the update.

Watch and read more details

EMURGO Blog: Meet Credmark, a Startup Revolutionizing Credit Data for the Blockchain and Crypto Industry

EMURGO is proud to welcome Credmark , the newest batch member of the dLab/EMURGO startup accelerator in 2020. Credmark aims to bring valuable credit data to the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. This important data is the lifeblood of the global financial industry. Without credit data, it’s impossible for lenders to answer questions like who is credit trustworthy, who deserves better lending and borrowing terms, and who to do business with.

Traditional credit data doesn’t currently translate to cryptocurrencies. In order for a cryptocurrency-based financial ecosystem to flourish, trustworthy credit data and credit lending are essential. Credmark solves this problem by providing the data companies need to help the maturation of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Read the blog

EMURGO Blog:【Beyond the Block: How Blockchain Can Improve Supply Chain】 Webinar Invitation

EMURGO successfully held its first webinar this month, where people from all over the world joined to learn the basics and importance of blockchain integration into traditional industries such as fintech, gaming, logistics, real estate, and agriculture.

Now, EMURGO is inviting everyone to join their second EMURGO Online Webinar with EMURGO Indonesia CEO Shunsuke Murasaki and Blockchain Solutions Unit Manager Purushotham Maralappa on Friday May 1, 2020 at 21:00 JST (Japan Time). In this latest edition of our Beyond the Block Webinar, EMURGO will discuss in-depth how blockchain can be integrated into the supply chain vertical with a detailed discussion of use cases and EMURGO’s own Traceability Solution which launched recently.

Join the webinar here

Cardano Ambassadors’ AMA with the Satoshi Club community on Telegram

On the 13th of this month, Cardano Ambassadors Lgbeano, Priyank and Josh took part in the Satoshi Club AMA Series, hosted by Serg and the Satoshi Club Team.

“The Satoshi Club Telegram channel has a very active and enthusiastic community of around six thousand members. The Satoshi Club approached the Ambassadors to see if Cardano would be interested in taking part in a Cardano AMA session. Results included 100’s of new active crypto members joining the Cardano Telegram channels and a new level of knowledge about Cardano for a community that was not previously active in following the Cardano Project. This set the foundations to build a positive relationship and connection between two crypto communities…”

Read the Ambassador AMA recap

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