Cardano Community Newsletter - July 12, 2019

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Shelley Testnet Rollout

Since IOHK released the first ‘official’ build of the testnet rollout program three weeks ago, there has been lots going on both with the IOHK developer team and the Cardano community! Support tickets have been raised and closed, technical achievements have been made in the code and community members, including a 13-year old enthusiast, have been able to set up their own Shelley self-node. To stay up-to-date on the testnet progress, check out the weekly rollups published on the Cardano Forum.

Read the latest Shelley Testnet Rollout Roll-Up

Get to Know the Cardano Ambassadors

Ambassadors are people in the Cardano community who go above and beyond and provide regular, consistent and positive contributions to the project. Since launching the program at the start of this year, we have added 44 Ambassadors! Get to know our Ambassadors with our new weekly edition of ‘Ambassador Stories’ on the Cardano Forum that shares a little bit about each of them and what motivates them to support the ecosystem.

Head to the first journal of Ambassador Stories

Head to the second journal of Ambassador Stories

Introducing Hinrich Pfeifer

The Cardano Foundation – in line with its worldwide expansion plans – has strengthened its leadership team by appointing Hinrich Pfeifer as the new Foundation Director. He will lead the global team towards the implementation of the Cardano Foundation’s mission and vision.

Read the full press release here

Updates from Emurgo

Emurgo is the official commercial and venture arm of the Cardano project and this week, they share announcements of their new Executive Committee membership in the Chamber of Digital Commerce and their partnership with the Pink Care Token Project. The Chamber of Digital Commerce is a world-leading trade association representing the digital asset and blockchain industry. And the Pink Care Token Project is a Charity Alliance that aims to implement blockchain-based solutions to effectively tackle societal issues in underdeveloped nations through the introduction of charity initiatives. Emurgo joins this project as a founding partner alongside the Binance Charity Foundation.

Read about the Chamber of Digital Commerce

Read about the Pink Care Token Project

Cardano Progress Video

Also from Emurgo, the monthly review video highlighting the latest development updates from the Cardano project has been released. Watch Engineering Lead Sebastien share details on Phase 1 of the Shelley testnet rollout, the first look of the delegation center in Daedalus and Yoroi, and the new hires at the Cardano Foundation.

Watch the video

The Asia Blockchain Summit 2019

The Cardano Foundation recently attended the Asia Blockchain Summit in Taipei where they participated in a panel discussion at the conference, and also hosted an Inaugural Cardano meetup with local community members.

Check out their recap from this event

Also at the Summit, Nathan Kaiser, chairperson of the Cardano Foundation, had an interview with Joeri van Geelen from iBlock TV. In this interview, Nathan shared updates from the Foundation and the vision for the Ambassador Program.

Watch Nathan’s interview with iBlock TV

The Cardano Project is Hiring!

Interested in working with us? The project continues to grow and we are always looking for great talent! There are a few exciting new roles in Emurgo’s new headquarters in Singapore to the Community Lead position at the Cardano Foundation, and more. Check them out below!

Careers with the Cardano Foundation

Careers with Emurgo

Careers with IOHK

Upcoming Meetups

RSVP to these events!

24 July Singapore Community meetup with Nathan Kaiser
28 July Tokyo Meetup by H. Takeshi
30 July 2019 - Meet Nathan Kaiser, Cardano Foundation Chairperson in Hong Kong
26 September 2019 - Cardano Meetup @ Cardano Blockchain Washington DC

Join these new Cardano Meetup groups!

Cardano Blockchain Taipei
Cardano Turkey Meetup Group
Cardano Blockchain Ottawa (Ottawa, ON)
Cardano Blockchain Malta (Valletta, Malta)
Cardano Blockchain Ostrava (Ostrava, Czech Republic)

Nothing in your area ?

See if a group already exists on our page and connect with the local organizer!


Start your own Cardano meetup group? Learn more here

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