Cardano Foundation announces its delegation methodology

If you’re only relying on CF to delegate to you to survive (with not even 25k at stake), you’ve unfortunately understood PoS completely wrong, staking can also be done in delegation mode if there isnt a strategy or marketing to gain stake at all.

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Thanks for your response. I’m new and definitely still have alot to learn, I was just excited about the tech piece. Maybe I can find other ways to contribute. Thanks.

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@adatainment I received delegation on January 7th but then it was removed / re-delegated only a few weeks later and was wondering if my pool made an error or did anything wrong? My understanding is that the delegation would last for roughly 3 months although I may be mistaken, and as far as I know I fulfilled all the requirements at the time of receiving the delegation up until the removal. Anyways just curious if you have any insight - thanks!

probably you are talking about CF delegation program (15M which you will receive only for 1 Month)?

the 3.2M IOHK delegation (for 3Months) started on 5 Feb!


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Ah cool, ok got it. :+1:

Hi adatainment

It seems my pool [BPRL] meets all requirements:

  • Hold between ₳25,000 and ₳2mn as a pledge,
  • Operated by a stakepool operator that only runs one pool (difficult to verify but best effort attempt),
    BPRL is the only one
  • Have a normal operating cost of less than 5% variable rate, and a fixed rate of around ₳340,
    We are at 340 and 1% (try to be as minimal as possible)
  • Have validated blocks successfully in the past,
    BPRL minted 6 blocks at the current date
  • Have not been delegated to by the Cardano Foundation in the last four rounds.

Have I missed something?
Really thank you in advance for your support. Just wanted to verify if all requirements were met.