Cardano Foundation Updates Delegation Strategy

I am sorry and would like to formally apologize for assuming that this was written by ChatGPT and can give you my personal opinion on the points mentioned:

It unclear what “small” in this comment means but from my view pools that constantly produce blocks and that are able to take the load of P2P are the backbone of the Cardano network. The current strategy and the one before it does not touch these pools. The Foundation never supported stake pools just because they are stake pools. We have always looked for outstanding contributions. What we do see is that there is an overlap between outstanding contributions and the stake pools in terms of technology, relay configuration and best practices.

We have very rarely observed that pools have grown through the 3 months delegation. Sometimes it was even the opposite. These days, stake is moving around very slowly. If something helps to grow pools then this is a bigger delegation for a longer time.

The Delegation Strategy never had the intention to create an “artificial” decentralization by delegating to small pools. Please look into Cardano Foundation's New Delegation Methodology: Supporting the Architects of the Future for details.

Cardano’s fundamental values have nothing to do with Cardano Foundation’s Delegation Strategy. (but I assume you are mixing here up Cardano and Cardano Foundation?) If the Cardano Foundation would delegate in the sense of Cardano’s fundamental concepts (pure game theoretical incentives) then it would have to do so in a way that maximizes its profit. The Foundation wants to avoid this with its strategy and has always tried to do a very good balancing act, even against the core principles on which Cardano is built.

We removed the single pool requirement to not limit ourselves in the selection of high contributions. The delegation list that we will soon put out will speak for itself.

The old process handpicked a shortlist, and then did a random draw on that shortlist. Because the shortlist needs to be a lot bigger than the actual random draw this has an interesting effect: It is like you need to pick the best 10 dancers in the room but you are not allowed to pick them directly. You need to pick the 20 best dancers in the room and then do a random draw. This diminishes the quality of your list.