Cardano Foundation's New Delegation Methodology: Supporting the Architects of the Future

I hope that as a single pool operator, and with a small stake, I can continue to contribute to the community, even with no block mint.
Keep going !

You can also watch this video to learn more about different initiatives Cardano Foundation is taking to support Stake Pool Operators on Cardano.

Hi, Is this mean we don’t need to wait 4 rounds to get the CF delegation? @adatainment
I really hope this is true… :crossed_fingers:


The changes made to the CF delegation strategy are all positive. This seems really fair and well thought out.

I think an opt-in system would be best to determine single pools. Many pools are assumed to be single pools. It takes a pool speaking up against themselves to be classified as being part of a group. This isn’t likely to happen considering the negative associations made by those who run single pools and the disqualification from golden tickets.

If you make an owner opt-in to the single pool group, somebody would have to lie to be included instead of just being complacent.

Pools run by SPAAS, for example, are part of a pool group. All of them, even SPAAS is considered a single pool in these listings because nobody has spoken up against themselves.

These tools could use some work. Right now too many pools are classed as single.


pool_clusters.json uses and as sources. If you think you can improve it, then please by all means reach out and contribute.

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@Cardano-Foundation I like and support these delegation theme’s, definitely agree with supporting the creators and contributors this round, and appreciate single pool delegation too. Well done.

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Hello, I translated this announcement for :poland: Polish readers. You can read the Polish version here:


Is it possible to get a “donut” that shows the rewards that are distributed? Or can anyone point in that direction?

Single pools may be the majority of the network but there seem to be a significant amount of pools that aren’t performing as well as they could.

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This might be a little bit offtopic in this thread but I believe what you are looking for is here:

Thank you for doing this!


checkout the twitter bot @CardanoAdvisor which filters out multi pools by analyzing all relays

While I appreciate the relay analytics, the interpretation needs to be carefully done. And to conclude from the relays that a pool is using, to multi pools is a great way to create heaps of false positives. Because of this fact I’d say this is completely unusable for this purpose.

you are absolutely right. If the BOT is lenient then some multipools creep in and if it is strict there are some false positives. But this is not the only criteria and the BOT is learning every day :slight_smile:

Made my first application today:). Even if I’m just in the beginning I feel great to be part of this community.
Good luck everyone!


We closed the delegation form today at 8:00 UTC and will go through everything within the next few days. Thank you all for your participation. We got 300 applications.


Hi @adatainment I applied back in November 2021. Is the form still valid?

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Yes, no worries. It was open until today.


Thank you so much…

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Nice :+1:
I hope I’ll make it there one day :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Please delegate to small pools like ABOBO., not multi-pool.

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