Cardano got ranked #1 coin to watch next week by CoinCodex!


Cardano has been hit quite hard by the bear market. It lost over 90% during the bloody season but I still have faith.

It was recently featured as the #1 coin to watch by CoinCodex, a cryptocurrency listing website such as CoinMarketCap.

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HODLers gonna HODL :slight_smile: Looking forward to the August 15th announcement!


Cardano is not a good project because of this or the 15th of August announcement. This is very well known for ADA hodlers.


You don’t need to tell me, been holding since $0.02 :slight_smile: Just looking to buy some more during this dip!


Good for you. First bought at $0.80, but we’re on the same page.


Do you know something that I don’t? :slight_smile: