Cardano gov process: Where to find comprehensive list of all contributed ideas?

I’d like to see a list of all ideas contributed in the Cardano governance process, in order to verify which one is already issued and which one is missing. I did suspect that is the right place to look for it, but after sign in, I find it quite complicated and somewhat counter intuitive. I thought the process would work in a sequences of distinct phases called “funds” (of which funds #2 is currently in voting and therefore closed) but I cannot find funds #3 which is the logical next phase.
Where can I find the list of “input” for funds #3 or better the overall list of contributed ideas? Is there a simple way for a broader public to access this information?

Fund 3 will be there when it starts… everything should be there but only fund 2 is getting financed

keep an eye out or go to the catalyst meetings on Wednesdays and then you will have a front row seat to the process.

everything you need to catch up you will find on these two telegram boards: