Cardano has the most independent block producers

Want to know how well-decentralized blockchain networks are? Unfortunately, you won’t find an easy answer to this, as it depends on many details. However, there is one relatively easy method that anyone can use. Try producing your own block. Investigate how much money and effort it would cost. If it is not possible, see if you can participate in the production of the blocks. If the network doesn’t allow you to produce your own block or even get rewarded for participating, decentralization will obviously be low. Conversely, if you have a chance to produce your own block, the blockchain will do well with decentralization. Of course, not everyone interested is given the opportunity to create their own block. However, the opportunity to get a reward for participating in the production of a block should be open to as many people as possible. In this article, we will look at the number of block producers in the largest networks. We will have a historical record that we can use to examine in the years to come. Decentralization must grow over time as the number of users grows. If not, the situation must be addressed.


  • The number of actors that have a majority in the network consensus is important for decentralization.
  • Cardano has more block producers than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This article was prepared by Cardanians with support from Cexplorer.

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