Cardano in Tajikistan

I write to you, Cardano community, to get to understand the possibility’s Cardano can offer to projects in the town of Khorog in Tajikistan. I worked on projects there with the organisation Nilufar and I was struck by the talent and motivation of the people I worked with. Even so, the prospect of these projects was not very positive, as there were many barriers, the biggest being an unstable coin and unfriendly government. I’d like to go into detail, but maybe this is not the place. I’ll just mention that the moment people receive their pay check they try to exchange the money to dollars, as the local currency can lose it’s value. The projects I worked on centered on preserving the enchanting local culture and language, which is endangered by attempts of the centralized government to suppress the Pamiri minority. Thanks to the Aga Khan Foundation, the Pamiri region is nevertheless developing rapidly. The Aga Khan (a religious leader) is promoting and supporting the digital transformation of many underdeveloped regions in the world and thanks to this, many people in the Pamiri region are learning to work in the digital space. I think there are so many opportunities here for great projects and as I discover Cardano and the goals set by CH I feel it could be the perfect marriage.