Cardano integration with Mobile App possible?

I am working on a cross-platform edutainment game for Cardano. I wanted to know if anyone has been able to successfully integrate a Cardano node on Android, iOS, or other mobile platforms?

For a bit more context I am currently assuming any blockchain application needs to participate in the network via a relay node as a minimum requirement to enable transactions and other related API.

This is the list of things I want to avoid entirely:

  • Limiting users to a specific wallet application
  • Requiring users to have their wallet integrated
  • Connecting to or relying upon 3rd party hosted nodes
  • Making the application cost prohibitive in any way

So for example I would like to do something similar to how the Daedalus wallet includes a Cardano node while providing the UI on top.

θ: Is anyone working on something like Metamask, Arkane, Fortmatic, etc?

Until yesterday I was planning on making a desktop application only but the game and educational content would be really well suited to tablets and smart phones. I have never run Haskell on ARM. Actually before Cardano I had never even considered Haskell for any project over decades as a software engineer.

I don’t seem to have edit capability but I had a few after thoughts to the original idea and quest of integrating Cardano into a mobile or edge device with otherwise limited capability. Since proof of stake mostly takes bandwidth instead of compute power that should make this possible but it doesn’t necessarily need to be a full build of relay node on an embedded system as I assumed.

Option 2. Since any blockchain protocol includes a peer to peer network then by definition discovery of peers is required. If the protocol permits observers as part of discovery then edge devices that are not capable of running a relay node easily might be able to still interact through a delegate. Similar to how staking delegation is a more passive role it could theoretically be possible to use Cardano CLI or a similar interface without the need for IPC to a running node if gateways or proxies could route signed transactions to known active nodes. This is less ideal as it relies on 3rd party hosting and is large enough in scope to be an entirely new project from the one I embarked upon …

Option 3. At the very least a cross-compile guide or toolchain SDK would be nice. In addition to the difficulty of getting all the dependencies for GHC, cabal, etc on some platforms it is also a brutal exercise in patience compiling on anything slower than a Raspberry Pi4. I had a lot of success cross-compiling from a development laptop and syncing binaries over to an nVidia Jetson module recently mostly thanks to their Jetpack SDK. Something like this for Cardano but more modular would allow technical people to create plugin integrations for their favorite devices that over time could enable non-technical people to have a “select target to deploy” option in order to run nodes for their purposes as well.