Cardano is Garbage – Crypto Medication – (I RESPONDED TO THIS CRAP)

I responded to this CRAP


The only thing that is Garbage is tat article, totally a biased hitpiece. What was your response?

I read it, and everything he points out as a negative is actually a positive… Like many of the attacks on Charles…

as soon as someone points out the price-decline (we are still in top 10), as some sort of failure on Cardanos part… you know you are dealing with a moron.


I just added a response, and applauded some of those already on there… not suggesting anyone else do the same! :wink:


Well written, but a hit piece…beware. Good response from @werkof

We’ll weather this, we’re built on rock, not sand.


@CosmosX @RobJF @werkof :clap: Good response!


I responded too. What a dipshit author. I’m about to go on an anti-FUD rampage. Nice response Cosmosx and all the guys.


I am not sure when this was written but this guy is wrong on so many issues that I don’t know if he got anything right. He has updated the article. The first time I read it about a week ago, he was claiming Cardano had no main net. This may be a EOS or IOTA guy. The attacks against Charles make me believe that this is personal. I would like to catch this douche in a dark alley.

The same author posted this:
In Medium article he actually seem to partially copy-paste, and partially cite this one.

Also some other author copy-pasted some parts into this article:
And they refuse to post my comments with question why garbage-source of copy-paste is not cited.