Cardano ledger specifications broken. Does anyone have it downloaded?

All the links to PDFs in the photo below are broken.

Does anyone know what happened ?
Repository link : GitHub - input-output-hk/cardano-ledger: The ledger implementation and specifications of the Cardano blockchain.

It’s all the links rooted at which are broken. In the course of fixing cardano-foundation/developer-portal#873 I also raised the question here, in particular that the node binary links were missing: [BUG] - Executable links from doc are broken · Issue #4688 · input-output-hk/cardano-node · GitHub

This was “closed as completed” with no comment, let alone an explanation of where “went”. In my observation there used to be all kinds of useful stuff there: the node configurations ended up in Environments - The Cardano Operations Book where you can see the navigation outline is empty except for that subject. The discussion here suggests the “Cardano Operations Book” is unlikely to contain anything else: Cardano Operations Book: discussion, how to link there · Issue #797 · cardano-foundation/developer-portal · GitHub

So the question, which I don’t know how to pursue (other than commenting or filing another issue in input-output-hk/cardano-node, is: where did all the publicly accessible stuff on go which is still historically useful (e.g. the ledger spec)?

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Does not really answer your question, but in the SPO Public Testnet channel of IOG’s Discord, the story how it came to being suddenly down was:

our data center provider told us they were shutting down all our infrastructure… I would have planned this much better if we didn’t have that ultimatum…


I’ve generated pdfs based on cardano-ledger github repo (how).

It’s not the full table but just the “Formal Specification” column. Also, Conway is not there, it’s probably on some other branch than master.