Cardano LINUX Wallet for Next Week Please

Windows 10 was literally free. How you’re mad at microsoft is beyond me. But yes a linux version will be nice.

What does free mean to you.


Why cant the same mentality be assumed with Linux? You’re still bound to the creators design / updates for functionality. Unless you’re programming the stuff yourself, which I am personally not, so my choice is meaningless. Either way we’re off topic :slight_smile: Sorry aboot that.

I have no idea what you mean, but yes I am customizing linux to meet my needs and that is why I like it. Also I dont need to ask anyone permission.


I found that we can use the api for this so I wanted to try it using postman

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There you go!

How can i perform the same operation in javascript ? :frowning:

I would say, You have to implement Cardano SL Wallet Web API 1.0.3 by you self.

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Hi folks, Here are some valuable bits and pieces from latest podcast:

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Perhaps Trezor support could also be considered?

See also:

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Good news!

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Here is a Comparison of Ada wallets and exchanges including Linux.

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