This is indeed a little confusing.

Also as a side note, I would like to add that this is the community’s first major contest. Any constructive feedback revive for this one we can use to make future competitions even better!

I’m sorry Josh can’t agree here with you. There were quite a few great contests from @anon20038177 also from @rickymac with very good to fantastic organisation.


I agree 100% and I do apologies! Thank you for reminding me :+1::+1:

All is not lost @lordless.exile! The community comprises of over 10k users, feel free to lobby for votes :ballot_box: for the submission you feel is most deserving!

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That’s true, there’ve been a few good contests. I believe Josh was emphasizing major, with enough submissions to break the judges will to participate.

Ive tried to organize them in this “thread,” and it almost killed me :rofl:, and it’s not even all of them, Still missing some MEMES from this thread

Next contest will be self organizing one, with draconian rules regard submissions. Not everyone was following the guidelines, but we did our best to try to include everyone.

I’ll continue organizing all the submissions here and pretty it up a but so we can celebrate everyone’s amazing work!

We reward the few, to celebrate the many!


I believe memes should be short, catchy, and hilarious.

But by your judgement none of these 3 made it even to top-10, which is disappointing.

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If it makes you feel any better I would not have picked any of these for my top ten. They’re pretty much what you would expect anyone to think of, and many did post similar memes.

There is a chance that might make you feel worse I realise. Lol. But, it shouldn’t.

That’s a lot of effort to go to. I feel I have spent enough here. None of my top ten were in the top ones picked, though a couple of the authors of my favourites were, just not with what I would have considered their best memes. But the fun has been largely stolen from this for me and I don’t see much point in putting in effort to rally votes for a meme I think is only half decent anyway. So, thanks - but no thanks.

I came back on to remove my account and do not see an option to. If you could show me how to do so, it would be greatly appreciated.

I believe you were on of the people pushing it to be judged this way. I in no way wanted to do it, may I remind the community . My idea was to collect the strongest MEME from all 60 contestants and have the community judge based on likes. But you guys felt it would take too long and would require too much effort. You’ve all made a choice on how this contest was to be judged, either by speaking out or by not speaking out…so this is what we’re stuck with now.

The submissions are very strong :muscle:, don’t simply judge them by the MEMES…judge by contestants and how much they’ve put into the contest.

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It’s a meme contest - not an author-of-memes contest. So, respectfully, I disagree that I should seek to judge overall input rather than the quality and originality of the memes themselves.

I did push for them to be judged by judges, and not by the community. And I have no qualms with your decisions - they are your decisions and I never expected them to align perfectly with my own, even if I didn’t expect them to be so disparate from what mine would have been. I was merely explaining why I don’t have the will to put in effort to conjure support for my favourite of the thirteen. At this point my vote alone will suffice.

Are you able to advise me on how to delete my account?

I can back up my reasoning, I didn’t simply choose the MEMES I liked. If you share your top 10 that you believe should have been in the finals but aren’t, I’ll explain in detail why each submission did not qualify.

At the end of the day, this contest was not about making few people richer in :ada: . It was about promoting Cardano.

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My friend, as I said - I do not have a problem with your choices. And I see no reason to share my top ten, because I wasn’t a judge, so what my favourites were matter none whatsoever given that neither of them are in the finals. So, again, I ask you - can you help me with account deletion or not?

I want to be clear that I am not deleting my account because of your choices. I always intended to. I entered this contest purely because I needed money and was looking for an opportunity to earn some. I was always intending to remove my account afterwards because I am quite against the blockchain as a concept and see it as the greatest threat to individual freedom in history.

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I’m sorry you feel that way. I’ll DM you with your request

hey, i read through your posts to the last thread, and i looked at your contributions. i would like to share any winnings with you, and another that did not make the “top 10” cut in this contest. i will split my reward three ways with @alabrash and @lordless.exile

this is an honest offer, and since i’m already in the “top 10”, this will be a guaranteed 33 ADA in the least… which i will round up to 100 ADA.

so consider yourself a winner in my own personal contest. … msg to claim your 100 ADA.

thanks for adding to the community. :cardano:


(EDIT: maybe there can be a more open, bracketed/laddered style “meme-off”, like others have suggested. to take that burden off any judge(s), and put it back upon the participants.)


I created a fictitious account and I voted for one of the memes to have access to the voting results (sorry for the author, nothing to you). Unfortunately, in some works the sudden increase in votes from newly created accounts is an obvious fraud. Is it a selection of the best memes or a race to create new artificial voting accounts? Really the rules have to be changed because it will turn into a pathetic spectacle.


Thank you for bringing this to community’s attention.

Not to worry, I foresaw this.

Contestants, unless you want to forfeit your prize I wouldn’t attempt any “foolish trickery.” You are free to lobby for votes :ballot_box:, but not to create false accounts. This contest is run by a moderator with special privileges on this forum, every single vote will be verified by me.


very well thank you :+1::+1:

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i’m not so sure every new voter is a fraud, it could simply be a case of a winning contestant bringing more people into the community here to vote for their cause through another medium. (…and wasn’t that the point of the contest, to bring more people into the community.)

anything that can be voted upon will be open to being troll-voted, and to think this is about memes!

it’s all in good fun, as long as no one is obviously manipulating votes with varied accounts, i would rather think such bumps in voting come from like minds or friends of the contestant hearing about the contest from other places and being driven here.

i really like the dinosaur one from @shonz as well… but it’s a spicy/surreal level of meme, not to everyone’s taste. … it makes me smile every time, still.

i do like the idea of flushing out the idea of a “meme contest/tournament”, even something that could run continuously, with a true ‘blockchain’ style decentralization aspect to the voting. the contest brought forth a lot of good content in a relatively short/rushed period of time. … think of what we could create if we refined our collective skills and expanded over time?

imagine it evolving as the cardano blockchain itself does… eventually becoming it’s own group of smart contracts or tokens, made to track/rate ‘content’ by various ‘players’ each period, with voting though ‘staking’ of community driven ‘feedback’ points to provide for weighted/fair voting over time.

i’d like to see the memes translated, and from other languages, formats, art styles and cultures. all together, ‘playing’ with the ideas in this Cardano ecosystem evolving around us as the roadmap expands, finding common ground and understanding, while still expressing local flair and viewpoints.