Cardano Ministry - Web3 Gaming w/ DRRS

Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society is a thriving NFT project on #Cardano. The project’s emphasis on “art, utility, gaming, and community” has attracted a loyal following and garnered significant attention within the Cardano ecosystem.

In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with the team behind Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society just prior to the highly anticipated “Mole Wars” weapons mint. This provided us with a unique opportunity to delve into the various aspects of the project and highlight some of its most exciting features: the impressive success of Dead Rabbits’ initial NFT release, which saw all 6666 NFTs sell out in record time, the various gamified challenges and puzzles that the team has created to engage with the Cardano community and build a strong sense of community around the project, and the release of their $DEAD token, which can be claimed through delegation to the DRRS stake pool.

This conversation with the Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society team provides a fascinating insight into the world of NFTs on Cardano and highlights the power of gamification in driving engagement and building communities and creating socially impactful solutions.

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