Cardano more secure than NXT?

What do you think about this, this is an article written by a NXT’s dev He stated that Cardano documentation made a statement about NXT PoS 's flaws, but I can’t find that anywhere, so either he was lying or that content was removed ?

I’d love to hear your opinions about Cardano’s PoS vs NXT’s PoS.

With all respect, I find his post very childlish.


Agree with @Ghost. This post is FUD end-to-end. Probably a developer from a rival coin trying to get personal.

When this was pointed out to us, we removed the text from the documentation. The quote was not written by a core team member, but IOHK does take responsibility for publishing it. I believe there was an apology but I am not sure if that was public or not.

I am not sure what ‘flaws’ the writer referred to. Most of IOHK’s work has been to defend POS protocols in general.


thank you for clarifying