Cardano node - Compiling from source without systemd support and documentation

Dear all,

I am running a test node on a non systemd Linux system - yep I am using OpenRC. And I feel we could clarify better how to compile on non systemd systems, for the democratization purpose.
This is not reflected in the current cardano documentation so I would be immensely grateful to have your feedback on what/how such information could be expressed:

  • a simple reminder in the doc how to set a flag for not using systemd
  • a more complex patch to apply (eventually shown herewith)

Disclaimer: I am definitely not an haskell and cabal expert, so I used good old “grep systemd -R .” to see where systemd was used as dependency.

I succeeded in compiling cardano-node project (node and client) without systemd support but in a certainly hacky way. I have noticed there is a Cabal flag for systemd that I could have certainly used on command line, no clue how (I did search :slight_smile: ) so I just hardcoded the default value for it.

After several trials and errors, here are the changes I made to being able to compile on an openrc linux: see following gist.