cardano.node.Forge:Error Updating the forge state in slot x failed because: OptSkip (OptCons (WrapForgeStateUpdateError {unwrapForgeStateUpdateError = KESKeyAlreadyPoisoned

Hey Operators!

Recently I am seeing following log record in my producer cardano-node:

[p1:cardano.node.Forge:Error:35] [2020-09-15 17:05:52.00 UTC] Updating the forge state in slot 8623261 failed because: OptSkip (OptCons (WrapForgeStateUpdateError {unwrapForgeStateUpdateError = KESKeyAlreadyPoisoned (KESInfo {kesStartPeriod = KESPeriod 4, kesEndPeriod = KESPeriod 66, kesEvolution = 0}) (KESPeriod 66)}) OptNil)

Is it something I need to take action?
How does the “KES poisoning” process work and what does it do?

Thank you!

You must rotate your KES signing key and operational certificate as described in this tutorial. The number for periods are not valid for mainnet right now on this tutorial, but the spirit is the same. You will get the gist of it.


@Psychomb this worked perfectly, thank you!

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