Cardano-node lock: openFd: permission denied

Someone who know how to fix it?


I would remove the lock file along with the other files in db folder in case this is the first attempt to start the node…
rm -rf /home/cardano/cnode/db/*
and start again…

seems like this help something but still giving me error “NoDbMakerAndNotEmpty”


very strange…
do you have other cardano-node process running?
what is the output of
ps -ef | grep cardano

also list the content of the db folder:
ls -la /home/cardano/cnode/db

Uploading: problema_03_05.PNG…

I dont want to hurt you but this is a very unique issue deserves a new topic.
with a title cardano-node: Missing protocolMagicId

you are very close…

the real problem is that db folder has different owner, related topic: