Cardano on the rocks

error: failed to compile jormungandr v0.7.0 (/home/coinmeester/jormungandr/jormungandr), intermediate artifacts can be found at /home/coinmeester/jormungandr/target

Caused by:
failed to load source for a dependency on actix-net

Caused by:
Unable to update registry

Caused by:
failed to fetch

Caused by:
object not found - no match for id (cc6fffa12160707cfb7d4f0d07aca1cee1b3fdc1); class=Odb (9); code=NotFound (-3)

At the moment you can follow the official setup guides, but things change fast and frequently in current testnet phase. The plan is to provide a pool-installation script for a stable version. Please stay tuned…

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There is a new assembling howto video for the Cardano on the Rocks kit.

Thanks to Norbert from Allnet China