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Cardano Update - Weapons’ Mint Live

DRRS - It was a bright day in April when Wilhelm Tesseract discovered he could jump through time. The year was 2097. We are the Dead Rabbits.

In April 2022 Dead Rabbits dropped some of the dopiest PFP art the NFT world has ever seen. We paired that art with first-in-space worldwide IRL scavenger hunts, cypher challenges, and unparalleled social engagement.

Many of our community growth strategies have become the template for new NFT projects. Since mint, we added first-in-space Utility Events through which we have given away over 2M ADA in NFTs for free.

We released $DEAD token, one of the few NFT tokens to be distributed entirely to the community. We’ve built and will continue to build use cases for $DEAD to give it a real function. And we’re gearing up to do all it again. Better. Stronger. Faster. We have the technology. If you missed the initial rabbits mint and have been kicking yourself, Roadmap 2.0 is your chance to join the CLAN.

Our clan have always been scavengers. We moved from place to place, scrounging used parts and cast-off clothes, camping in old subway tunnels and in the basements of abandoned factories.
But as Wilhelm’s ability spread throughout the clan, time jumping became our new way of life. We jump back to uncover secrets, play tricks, and hide clues about the future. And sometimes we indulge ourselves, exploring your best vintage years to collect 80s shades, concert tees, and Atari 2600s.

We are the Dead Rabbits. We are Cardano
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