Cardano Quilt

This Cardano quilt is the eighth Crypto Quilt! A sequence in the dark. 100% Cotton all three layers, Top, Batting, Backing and Thread. Custom hand stitching on black boarder, black background and white foreground.

All proceeds will be going to the quilt guild which is a non-profit.
Size:27’x27’ inches - 69x69 cms

For those interested more information can be found on bitcointalk.

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bitcointalk was a mess last time I logged in, same ole same as if I never left - I even contributed to the craziness that it derives ‘head shaking’ bitcoin is currently an energy suck, and unless it changes it will find itself in the sights of Global Warming activist’s - which I currently support in the uprising against such energy sucks.

Hi Spazzer,
Wha-how! My Mum is quite the quilter, so I have some familiarity with the art, and that is some damn fine quilting. Well done.