Cardano resp. ADA not mentioned in these Wikipedia articles - maybe the Cardano Foundation could accomplish something?

In this Wikipedia text on the Distributed Ledger theme, various crypto currencies are mentioned below, but not ADA.

In this German Wikipedia article about Distributed Ledger technology Bitcoin and Ethereum are mentioned as examples for POW and POS.

Maybe someone from the Cardano Foundation could make efforts to have Cardano resp. ADA mentioned in the articles? If it comes from official sources, the likelihood that the changes will be accepted may be higher.

Unfortunately, exactly the opposite is the case. There is a long and difficult history regarding Cardano on WP, some of which is documented on the forum. Even ADA holders are viewed as having an interest and therefore not valid contributors, employees of related organisations are seen as being as bad if not worse.

Oh, I got it. I think things will be different with Shelley and Goguen on Mainnet. Truth always wins.