Cardano-sl not work

Hi. My project working wrom cardano-sl. Transactions have now stopped taking place.


Thanks for letting us know. And sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll flag it with the devops team and get back to you.

Thanks for your patience.

cc: @Andy_Hendrikx

Hi @tryexceptend,

Could you please let us know what your project is called and share some more details if that is possible?

Thank you.

The team has suggested you’ll need to update to Adrestia. The Cardano SL nodes have been turned off ( EOL: end of life).

According to the team, “the easiest way for you is to spin up docker versions of cardano-wallet and cardano-rest. The APIs are almost identical to Cardano SL.”

If any, perhaps @rdlrt can assist further with any questions. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Tell me how to transfer your wallet?

Replied to your DM, pointing to links from zendesk article