Cardano Smart Contract Simple Get Set Example HTML / Python Django Webserver

Hello developers,

i am new in Smart Contract development.

I have a python django webserver.

Looking for some easy to understand Smart Contract example for Cardano (simply set and get a variable on the blockchain, testnet first).

By just integrating some java script code into HTML and run it, or alternatively an python example.

Tried some Matic Polygon examples, but these require plenty of 3rd party apps and are not easy to understand, couldnt get it really running yet.

The later task will be to have an HTML interface that stores a dynamic number of users, each with an account balance, in the smart contract, and increase the respective user balance when a new transaction is received from a user and sent to a fixed address. If a new user does not exist in the list yet, they should be added with their initial account balance.

Thank you.

Best regards,