Cardano Speakers' Forum?

I recently joined the Cardano Forum and am wondering if there is a Speakers’ Forum for Cardano, a list of experts who would be willing to explain to others the importance of this new technology in creating a better world. In particular, I am looking for someone who would be willing to make a presentation to a service club and/or be interviewed on local public radio (Central California, USA).
Thanks in advance for your help, Brian Reynolds

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Welcome to the forum Brian!

We can recommend you 3 sources of great information:

  1. Charles Hoskinson

  2. IOHK

  3. Cardano Effect

On 2nd and 3rd links there are many speakers, you can watch some of the videos, get and idea whom you would like to invite for presentation and then reach them by e-mail, forum, etc.

Public relations is the job of the Cardano Foundation, you can contact them here:

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