Cardano staking comparison

Then, again, if Exodus is offering 3.3% APY, that’s pretty good compared to these rates!

In the calculator, the annualised pool reward is the total reward for the entire pool including the operator and delegators. This return then gets split between the operator and the delegators in accordance with the “pool fixed costs” and “pool variable fee” as specified by the pool operator.

To see what you are likely to earn as a delegator plug all the details of your pool into the calculator and look at the table which has the following headings:

Metric | Pool Operator’s Return | Delegator’s Return | Total Pool Return

Under the column “Delegator’s Return”, the average figure will be approximately the yield you will earn.

If the pool is small, then the 90, 75, 25, 10 percentiles will be more widely distributed, since 1 or 2 blocks above or below the average, for a particular epoch, will make a bigger difference in a small pool. Nevertheless, these ups and downs will still average out roughly equally over time. Some epochs you will earn more and some less, but over a year of 73 epochs your return will approach the average.

the sample set time period (epochs) is far too small to make any reasonable scientific conclusion

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The calculator does 500 simulations over a full year.

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According to their own FAQ, you are delegating to Everstake when delegating on Exodus.

If you put “EVE” in the rewards calculator, you’ll get something like 3.07% delegators’ return. Exodus just don’t update their site very often.