Cardano Staking Visualization

Some of you may have seen this over on reddit, thought I’d put it up here as well:

Interactive site to visualize relay density and staking density here.

Video explanation of how to use the tool here.
Most recent update explaining historical epoch scrubbing here

Explanation of the plots:

  1. Relay locations around the world, larger and ‘bluer’ relays are part of pools with a larger # of relays
  2. Relay density: brighter cells have more relays. Choose a pool with infrastructure in a less dense region to make Cardano more resilient to infrastructural failure.
  3. Stake density: cells that are more purple have a large amount of ADA delegated TO them FROM delegators. Delegating to a pool operating in a less dense region to secure the network.
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This is a really cool idea! Well done

If you are thinking of expanding I think a good addition would be to show connections between nodes with lines… to shows who is connect to who

cool idea, but unfortunately we can’t know that information as it’s locally kept by each relay and not shared with anyone else without asking each pool to share that info with me.