Cardano Stay Safe Content

Cardano Stay Safe Content

The worldwide web has been a source of information as early as 1993. While internet boasts an abundance of information, it also hosts bad actors carrying out illegal and malicious activities. From bank and inheritance letters, fake products, fraudsters to ransomware – you name it.

Cardano’s ‘bootstrap’ Byron era was deployed in October 2017. As an ecosystem and a community, we must be vigilant on the internet and take precautions.

Now with Shelley right around the corner we want to take this opportunity on us and release contents in which we describe what is the best way to stay safe and vigilant in our ecosystem.

How to stay safe?

Verifying integrity of websites and installers

What is a seed and why should i keep it safe?

Learn about different wallet types, their attack vectors and how to keep your ada safe

An overview with our official channels

Stay tuned, more items will be added over time!