Cardano Stay Safe Series: "Official" Community Channel List

The Cardano community has many different social channels. They’re all different and unique in their own way. So here’s a list of all of our official community channels, join the ones you like and connect with fellow Cardano community members around the world!

1. Forum

2. Telegram

Cardano Community




3. Facebook

4. Reddit

5. GitHub

6. YouTube

7. Twitter


9. LinkedIn

10. Instagram

11. Medium

12. Line (JP)

13. Weibo (CN)

14. WeChat (CN)

  • Official Account: 卡尔达诺科技

15. Technical Support

16. Discord


So what about Persian cardano group???
Please put Persian cardano group link soon.

So what about Persian cardano group???
Please put Persian cardano group link soon.

Great resource :smiley: thank you!!!

Hello, the channel list has been updated extensively. Please comment if something is wrong, unclear or completely missing. :arrow_heading_up:


Thank you @adatainment for the update. Really appreciate it :pray:t2: :coffee:


Why is they no discord server?

Do you mean a dedicated stay safe discord server?

Hi @Andrew_Charalambous ,

I think we could put official Discord channel for:

  • IOGs Technical Community
  • Cardano Project Catalyst
  • EMURGO Discord
  • Catalyst School
  • Catalyst Swarm
  • Eastern Town Hall
  • And each official/unofficial Cardano communities in each countries Discord server

Hope it helps.


Yes sir
Can’t find a link to Discord server

We cannot join the group. Can you check for us?

Today we added the Cardano Summit Hub Discord Server to the list.
This server isn’t just for the upcoming Cardano Summit 2023. It’s a long-term platform designed to support our community during all future Summits, fostering continuous engagement and growth.

Here’s the invite link: Cardano Summit Hub