Cardano submit-cli how to generate the config.yml?

Hi All,
Ive build and install the cardano-submit-cli package (not in a nix shell), but im a little confused where to get/copy the submit-api-config.yaml file from?

In the instruction is says:

playground $ cat <configuration-yaml-file> | yj -jy > submit-api-config.yaml
playground $ cat >> submit-api-config.yaml <<EOF
EnableLogMetrics: False
EnableLogging: True

obviously im not in the playground, just base terminal. but i cant find a configuration-yaml-file or submit-api-config.yaml file?

Ok seems the instruction was to copy the conents of

source dir → /cardano-node/cardano-submit-api/config/tx-submit-mainnet-config.yaml

to a file called: submit-api-config.yaml

in the directory where you start the service