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Continuing the discussion from 高品质的产品是最好的营销,它即将到来:

Recently, the Cardano community has been indifferent to Shelley. When the release date has been delayed too many times, it is rather than waiting for decentralization, but pumping for the expected price. But that is not the case. This is because, when all the technical aspects behind Shelley are correct, Shelley will be better than just releasing a half-baked product. Low-quality products will cause short-term pumps and then huge dumping. First, it will provide content to those who spread FUD to Cardano. They will have a field day to push Cardano to be deprived of rights and may be sold. This is because, after waiting for something for more than a year, you will expect a high-quality product to achieve hype. In essence, IOHK’s cautious attitude may be the best thing they have done for Cardano. This is a frustrating wait for investors, but once the product goes live and it works as expected, the mood will change. As with all other investments, quality always trumps any other form of marketing. Creating a low-quality product can always work in a short period of time, but once people realize that it has no substantial content improvement, things may start to slow down, but as the news spreads, the reception will increase. This is what will happen in Cardano. At the moment Shelley went online, it showed that it was working as expected. Soon after, funds began to flood in and businesses began to develop Cardano in large quantities. The best part is that Cardano investors don’t have to wait a long time to realize these developments. Of course, as long as it needs to wait, but it is coming soon. In a recent podcast, the IOHK project manager announced that the Shelley testnet will be released in June. They have identified the pools that will participate in Shelley’s testing phase. This is a good start and an indicator that Shelley can go online this year. Whether it is short-term or long-term, this may play an important role in the value growth of Cardano. In the short term, it may be that the adoption and riveting may increase the value of Cardano (ADA). Either way, Cardano’s prospects are improving. This makes it highly undervalued when trading from the 2017 high of $1.50 when it is below $0.10. Its fundamentals are getting stronger and stronger, and the entire crypto market is gaining more active acceptance. A few years later, Cardano can run a large number of huge applications on it. Translated from 8

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