Cardano Summit 2021 Live location

I tried asking on the telegram first, but it didn’t get any play so I am trying here instead. I am working out logistics to attend the Live Summit in a few weeks. I cannot contain my excitement for it. Do we have conformation that this will be held in Laramie? Also do we have any recommended lodging choices? I’d like to have these things locked down this week if possible. Do any ambassadors have insight in this to share?

Hi Arwild. I hope you are fine. The event staff is still planning the details of the Alonzo (Goguen) Summit. So detailed information is scarce and unofficial. They have not announced the specific city for Wyoming yet. With your excitement, I’m sure you have already signed up for the summit. If not, my advice is for you to signup using the link below. You will receive email updates for your location as the details become available. Use the link below to registered if you haven’t. You will receive email updates. I will keep you in mind for an update if I get more information.


Hey thanks for the reply Mike. I will be patient, watch my email, and hope we have the details on thursday’s monthly update.


Alright, it’s been 2 weeks and we are a little over 2 weeks away from the Summit. Can I safely get tickets for Laramie? Not trying to be a pest, but I am honestly surprised that I seem to be the only one pursuing this.