Cardano Summit 2022: Cardano Summit Awards

What are the Cardano Summit Awards?

The Cardano Summit Awards have been created to recognize the great work carried out by projects in the Cardano ecosystem.

We’re empowering the community to nominate and vote for the projects they want to see formally acknowledged and celebrated.

The Cardano Foundation team is currently building out a Cardano Summit eVoting web application leveraging the Cardano blockchain that the community will use for voting.

Reward categories

The following ten reward categories have been carefully selected by the Cardano Foundation to give an overview of the current landscape of the Cardano community:

  • Most impactful SSPO
  • Blockchain for Good
  • NFT Project
  • Developer or Developer Tools
  • Standards (CIPs)
  • DeFi / DEX platform
  • Wallet
  • Marketplace
  • Cardano Ambassador
  • Educational Influencer

Nomination process

On the Cardano Summit website, Community members can nominate project(s) for the available reward categories and suggest additional categories.

This is how the process will work:

  1. Community member visits and scrolls down to the Cardano Summit Awards section.
  2. Community member can nominate up to three project per reward category. An email address will need to be provided for each nomination along with a personal email address.
  3. Community member has to submit their nominations.

Cut-off date: October 20th, 2022

How nominations will be shortlisted

Immediately after the cut-off date for the nomination cycle is reached, October 20th, 2022, the Cardano Foundation team will review all of the nominations. The projects who received the most nominations per award category will be selected for the final ballot.

Before the voting phase begins we will publish a detailed report on the nominations to ensure a transparent process.

How will the community be able to vote?

Voting for the speaker nominations and Cardano Summit Awards will take place on an e-voting web application built by the Cardano Foundation. To be able to vote, community members will need to authenticate themselves. Community members will have the ability to connect their Cardano wallet that supports CIP-0008 and will be able to cast one vote per category. Community members can verify their votes on the Cardano blockchain as transparency matters. Voting will not require the community member to spend funds.


  • October 20th, 2022: Cut-off date to nominate projects for the Cardano Summit Awards.
  • October 27th, 2022: Voting for the Cardano Summit Awards 2022 goes live.
  • November 07th, 2022: Voting for the Cardano Summit Awards 2022 closes.
  • November 20th, 2022: Cardano Summit 2022 awards ceremony at the main event in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Regarding the NFTs.

Just do not partner with Virtua this time ok?
They are completely centralized and froze mints of the last Summit before I could mint them out (a lot like traditional finance I know), well my Summit 2021 NFTs are listed in their platform but I cannot withdraw. This is just ridiculous, I spent hours trying to find them in the summit, waited weeks for the codes to redeem, redeemed anf thought they were safe in the vistua platform. Of course there was never a deadline for minting. But now… they are frozen. In contact with them they blame the cardano community, well I prefer to believe that they are contralized profid-driver mfers and disabled the mint button.

Anyway, just do not partner with Virtua again, it was and is a terrible experience. They dont even nativelly support Cardano wallets, that is ridicullous.


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Thanks @Marco_Antonio for the update. I have held off on minting my Summit 2021 NFTs also. I am definitely not going to even try unless it is easy to transfer them directly to my Cardano wallet address.

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