Cardano Vector logo

yer but just drag and drop it to your desktop. From their page

I don’t think you understand my request.

well you asked for vectors and I found one for you. past that I don’t understand how you can’t do the same. Worst case take a shot of the logo and create your own vector with gimp or PS whichever you prefer.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think you understand what a vector is, the PNG file from the front page is NOT a vector. Gimp nor PS are not vector editors either.

I have made many a vector from .png. help yourself please. Google is full of the answers to your question. ADA has so much to offer than vectors and people not being able to make them. I don’t want to seem unhelpful. In fact I was able to do what you requested for myself. Is this not a vector?


@mmahut here you go.

@rmgpock you never trace bitmap to vector even if it’s simple as this one.


@mmahut there is none with logotype just a sign. Here you have one with logotype positioned horizontally


Do you know what typography is?

I found t! Montserrat.


what is your concept?

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Is there all ok with the seventh circle in isotype logo ?

Good find @basia, this is wrong. I wonder how did that happen.

@adatainment, need to ask @rodri

Yes, that’s how the isotype is designed. I got it from an official source. It is not symmetrical.

Strange, this is the first time I see logo with the single circle inside.

No, sorry! I will change this isotype, is wrong!

O.K. Thanks for reply

What font did you use if I may ask?

Montserrat Extrabold in CARDANO. Montserrat Light for the website text. You can download it here.