Cardano Viral Tactics for Smaller Countries


For all of you coming from small countries like mine, I would like to offer you this short analysis on the growth potential of Cardano in our states.

For readability we will take -
Population = 10M
1st step : Every person knows 100 other people well.
2nd step: That’s 10,000 friends of friends.
3rd step : Their friends bring us to 1M - who know everybody several times over.

This means -

  • You can get to anyone in ~max. 4 steps
  • All your “friends of friends” will reach ~5-15% of the population

Often in reality, beyond the distribution of income, societies are organized into cultural and ethnic groups - so usually it should be quite easy to recognize who are the ~70-90% who are not in your social clique.

  • In more modernized countries the social network is more atomized (tree graph) but more digitally connected (100 friends on fb is modest).

  • In more traditional countries the network is more densely weaved (more full-mesh) and 3 steps could give you access to a sizable % of the land, however the agility of online avenues needs to be adapted for the local usage style.

This is derived from birth rates in different countries, and internet and mobile penetration.

Summary for top small nations from wiki article -

Country Name Mobile Pen. # Users
1 UAE 80.6% 7,573,000
2 Sweden 72.2% 7,167,000
3 Switzerland 71.7% 6,061,000
4 Australia 67.7% 16,671,000
5 Belgium 67.3% 7,706,000
6 Spain 66.8% 30,771,000
7 Azerbaijan 66.2% 6,619,000
8 Portugal 65.0% 6,672,000
9 Czech Rep. 64.8% 6,835,000
10 Greece 59.5% 6,484,000
11 Romania 56.0% 10,772,000
12 Chile 56.0% 10,254,000
13 Kazakhstan 39.2% 7,078,000
14 Philippines 23.3% 24,173,000

*-Countries in bold given for reference.

Anyone with thoughts on evolving localization infection, do share.

*** If anybody finds my terminology offensive I apologize beforehand


This is of great importance !!!

I think we will hopefully see the true abilities of the chain be adopted first by those with the most to gain … we just have to make sure everyone finds out at some point