Cardano vs Energi


It looks like Energi cryptocurrency offers very similar features to Cardano - PoS, smart contracts, governance and treasury.

Do you know how they differ? Is their PoS, smart contracts, … better/worse?


I believe Energi is a Masternode based blockchain. I haven’t really investigated, but assume it is based on the Dash code (or maybe PIVX that was forked from Dash).

So is it better or worse? Well it depends what you value.

Most believe that the biggest differentiation between Cardano and other “PoS” blockchains, is that Cardano will be considered the only provably secure PoS blockchain, due to it being built using formal methods from peer reviewed scientific research.

Other blockchains that say they are PoS will probably not have been through the same scientific and formal engineering approach. This doesn’t mean they are bad, it just means there is a chance that there may be an issue in the future.

As Charles always says, for people (who are not early adopters/enthusiasts) to trust a new financial system with their money, what blockchain do you think they would rather use? Would you prefer to fly in a Boeing built plane or a home made plane?

The smart contract platform is similar in that it is introducing a new language (scientifically designed) that will help minimise the risks that languages like Solidity currently have.


This in impossible to know or even guess before each PoS coin
finish development and some more thoughtful analysis is done.

Yeah, Charles said a lot of things, somewhat like crypto Nostradamus.
Cardano may be that Boeing , but currently it-is-not.

Cardano may be that Boeing , but currently it-is-not.

Considering the current problems Boeing is facing due to its software safety malfunctions, I hope Cardano will take a different route :smiley:

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Well yes, that is the case for everything in the world. But the point is that if we don’t want to have to wait for hindsight, we can have more confidence in things being built professionally from scientific research.

Again, the point is more about it being built like Boeing build planes, not that it is a finished product like a Boeing plane.

Hope that is clearer and helps you understand why the Cardano project approach is better. It doesn’t guarantee a product people will prefer, but will certainly tick the boxes for a lot of big investors still too nervous about blockchain as a technology.

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:rofl: good point. Picked the wrong company for my analogy.

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:astonished: wow, bit of rant there @anon20038177.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with people continuing to challenge and question Cardano. I am confident that it will always stand up to any scrutiny.

If it isn’t a legitimate question, then I have found that most FUDsters or quick win seekers give up eventually when they are presented with the logical approach being taken and that this project has never been about mooning a coin a quickly as possible.


Dont know if I got this right but does this imply that other alt-coins are not doing “science”? CF flavored his crew with some academic members , however this does not make him more “scientifically” oriented than the others. After all they are all after the same stuff , coding / re-coding the same old math formalism.

When you said

Did you mean CH, as in Charles Hoskinson?

If so then a little bit of reading will show that he did more than just

The fact that IOHK are having new research accepted by journals and conferences, makes this a bit more than

I realise that there is a lot of material to absorb to fully understand the extent of what the Cardano project is doing, however if you are truly interested I would encourage you to take the time to look into it more. I know pretty much every other cryptocurrency project out there is being done by mainly coding enthusiasts or ex-software businesses and I am not suggesting they are not somewhat scientific in their approach, but nobody has provided a roadmap that has the volume of scientific research being done before coding even starts that Cardano has.

Good luck with finding out more about how Cardano is different than most if not all other projects.

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I see you read a lot , so enlighten us what makes Cardano currently technologically exceptional coin? Speed of transaction ? Sociability ? Adoption ? Ability to implement real life transaction models ? Robust dApp development or number of developers queuing up ?


It’s not a

Not yet at least Haha.