Cardano wallet connects then looses connection

The wallet is, 0.13.1
The wallet connects takes a while and then it looses connection. It tries to reconnect but fails. If I close the wallet and open it again it repeats as above.
This time I left it longer and it reconnected ran 2 minutes and crashed again now trying to reconnect again. Has reconnected crashed again, this is strange. I am using 5G connection should that matter?

Any ideas as to why this is happening?

Thank from Brian

Running Daedalus (and hence, a full cardano-sl node) does need quite a stable network connection (currently, against AWS servers where relay nodes are) and a decent disk throughput. People have better experiences with a slower but more stable connection.
Having said that, if you do not have a use for running the node, you may want to consider using the official light wallet - Yoroi. You can transfer your existing Daedalus wallet to Yoroi using 12 word seed (you do not need to have a working Daedalus for the same).
However, if you would like to check where exactly your network connection is failing/getting stuck, I suggest you to join the community techsupport group so that we can check your node.json log from Pub folder, which does not contain any confidential data. You can also share it here of course, but its easier to have a continuous discussion there if you need assistance locating logs.

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Thank You for that great information, I appreciate your help.

When we can stake cardano will I need a node or will the light wallet Yoroi be sufficient.

I do not have a lot of ADA 8500 so it may not be worth staking anyway, I respect your opinion on this thought if I may ask your opinion.

If so how do I do the transfer to Yoroi light wallet, I have the 12 word seed.

Brian Fussey

Yes, once staking is available (not yet), delegation centre will be available in Yoroi as well, for you to delegate funds to stake. Check out the FAQ on staking for more staking-related queries.

You can download yoroi as a Chrome extension, create a new wallet (save the new 15 word seed) and then click Daedalus icon in Yoroi to transfer funds using your old 12 word seed. You can check the video to go through the steps.

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Then Yoroi will work perfectly for me, I will install it and transfer funds.
Thank you again you have been very helpful.
If I had more cash I would buy more Cardano I believe strongly In the vision Charles has, time is all that separates Cardano from being a house hold name down the road.

I installed a new Daedalus node on a Windows server that stakes other coins (I also tried with all other systems closed), never had connection issues, I remain connected via RDP and watch as the wallet installed fine, then sync;ed fine, setup the wallet then it goes to Network Lost - reconnecting for no reason. It reconnects after a few minutes. Seems to be a bug, hope it is fixed as delegated pools need near 100% uptime.

The best place for this kind of issue is