Cardano won't start, always on the splash screen

Anybody know how to get Cardano to start on MacOS, ever since the new upgrade it won’t start

What does it show?

just the load screen,

Hi Stigmail, there are many people on this forum who can help. Please answer these questions to further the efforts to help:

  1. What does the splash screen show?
    “Connecting to Network…”
    “Syncing blocks 99%”
    “Syncing blocks 100%”
    “Syncing blocks xx%” where the xx% is some number less than 99%.

  2. Has this wallet ever worked before?

  3. Have you added a firewall or changed ISPs?

  4. Are you running the latest Mac High Sierra 10.13.4? (If not which version?)

  5. Is your Mac Firewall turned on?