Cashing out CardanoBEP2

. I transferred CardanoBEP2 to my trust account. Im not able to CASH out through TRUST or COINBASE. In attempting to do so, COINBASE tells me I have an invalid BNB address. When I put in a BinanceUS receive address I’m told I have insufficient BNB funds. I tried adding and I get the same response.

Please advise ASAP the ABC’s on how to do this. Once achieved, how would I CASH out?

Please advise and thanking you in advance

Hmm… u should use Binance network to send the funds from trust wallet to binance… but u will need first few bnp for transaction fee

Thank you…. I tried that and I’m told I don’t have enough for the fee no matter what I do. Won’t they take the fee off the top of the amount I want to send?

I think not, u will need to have bnp coins for transactions fee (If I remember well)

Yes, you’re correct…… what’s interesting is that it shows as a (-) amount and below it shows as a (+) indicating a previous transaction into a trust wallet. Now I want to deposit it into Binance and although it shows a (+) it’s not allowing me that (+) address…., it keeps coming up with the (-). I hope that made some sense……:man_shrugging:

Import your Trust into SafePal. If you have ~50 cents worth of BNB BEP2, you should be good.


I see SafePal is a hard wallet. It’s presently out of stock. Is there anyway I can cash out my CardanoBEP2 as explained in my opening question, Through Binance.US?

I meant for you to download their app. Gluck!

Thank you…. I did that…. And had to add CardanoBEP2……., then how to cash out? Do you have to set up your bank info on SafePal?

No. Exchange CardanoBEP2 for LTC and send it to CoinBase and cash out there.

Thank you very much…. I will try that and let you know how it went…:pray::+1:.
Now it states that the CardanoBEP2 is coming from an invalid bnb address….:man_shrugging:

No. You will be swapping BEPCardano for LTC. Then sending the LTC to CoinBase. Should cost pennies and take seconds. If you want to cash out, the coin used doesn’t matter. Only the fiat value.

So your “100ADA” would be swapped for “1.5LTC”. Then sent to CoinBase.