Catalyst Weekly #101 - 2 days left to cast your F12 city launch vote!

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This week, the Cardano community is in the process of casting their votes for the launch location of Fund12, which is a special event as it represents the first-ever non-funding vote. What’s exciting is that every wallet has a voting power of one, which means that all members have an equal say in the decision-making process.

So, if you haven’t voted yet, log into your Catalyst voting app and help choose from the six available options. The choice is entirely up to you, and the voting deadline is March 18 at 8 AM UTC. If you want to learn more, make sure to check out this Cardano Forum post with all the additional details. The results will follow soon after.

The team is looking forward to sharing their thoughts with the rest of the community during a special Monday - March 18 - X space with Cardano Over Coffee. Keep an eye on updates about it here.

In other news, Catalyst has recently held its second retrospective, which focused on the macro perspective of how Fund11 has transpired. During the retrospective, the group worked through the elements that helped propel the program further. They also analyzed the anchors and potential future risks on the horizon to be mindful of. Catch the full recording of the session here to dive in deeper. If you enjoy retrospectives, you’re invited to the next one that will take place during the usual Catalyst town hall, next Wednesday at 5 PM UTC.

Lastly, the onboarding of funded projects is nearing completion, and we would like to give a big shoutout to everyone who has lent their hand and support during this time. You can track the progress visually via this link.

Let’s dive further into what else has been going on.


Town Halls

Live streams are currently on pause between funding rounds during this cooldown period. Live streams will resume with official launch of Fund12. Stay tuned for announcements. The Wednesday space is still open for a couple more weeks to hold retrospectives before taking full break in broadcasting.

:bulb: Next Livestream: TBD

Fund11 Progress

Note: Given the dynamic nature of Project Catalyst, the following dates may change as the fund progresses. If this is the case, we will notify the community via our announcement channels on Discord and Telegram.

March 2024 (on schedule)

Onboarding of Fund11 funded proposals. The first tranche of funding was distributed on March 15.

March 15 2024 (on schedule)

Ecosystem role rewarding (Voters & Community Review) and first project funding. The first ecosystem role funding was distributed on March 15, including voter rewards. Please reference this document for more information.

New accountability measures ahead

Catalyst’s accountability measures are going to be strengthened with a formal cancellation policy

As Catalyst prepares to roll out a comprehensive cancellation and suspension policy, encompassing all projects within the program’s purview—both past and present—it marks another milestone in fostering accountability among participants who receive public funding.

This strategic move underscores Catalyst’s commitment to ensuring that individuals involved in their projects approach their roles with diligence and care. By implementing clear guidelines for cancellations or suspensions, they aim to uphold high standards of responsibility across all initiatives supported by public funds. Equally, it will open a path towards more efficient capital allocation of Catalyst funding from underperforming projects to other viable alternatives instead.

More information coming in the coming weeks. You can retweet this update here.

Open source GitHub repo round-up

I encourage you to follow along with milestone developments via the following links to get the latest on Catalyst Roadmap Proposals:

For full access to GitHub branches please review:

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