Catalyst Weekly #102 - 4 days left to register to vote in F12!

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Did you know that soon the Fund12 voting period will begin? If you haven’t registered to vote yet, now is the time to do it. Voter registration period will end with the voting power snapshot - scheduled to take place on June 18th at 21:45 PM UTC. The Voting App has a continuous snapshot feature enabled as well allowing you to check your voter registration in real time. Voting is expected to commence on June 27th and be open for the usual two weeks. When results? Mid-July.

Who are you going to vote for? Start thinking about it - lots of amazing proposals in the running this round.

Town Hall

Did you know that you can find all the latest recordings and the link to register for town halls directly on the website? Make sure to check it out here and bookmark it for future reference. As usual, you can also find live streams directly on the Youtube channel below.

:bulb: Next Livestream: June 19th, 5PM UTC

Fund12 Progress

To date,everything is progressing according to schedule. This week, the community review has progressed into its second stage - dubbed as moderation. This is where the most reliable community reviewers act as moderators and review work. You can learn more about how this stage functions via this documentation.

Once this stage concludes, the outcomes will then be forwarded onto the voting app so that the next stage of governance can commence. To follow the progress of the fund life-cycle, make sure to bookmark this page and keep an eye on the latest.

Note: Given the dynamic nature of Project Catalyst, the following dates may change as the fund progresses. If this is the case, we will notify the community via our announcement channels on Discord and Telegram.

Catalyst roadmap & deliverables

Want to know what’s the latest in regards to Catalyst’s development roadmap? Follow along with milestone developments via Catalyst Gitbook to get the latest!

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