Catalyst Weekly #77 - Town Hall #126, cue the music and games, SPO Poll, CIPs & more

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Tick, tock - Project Catalyst keeps moving forward week by week. If you haven’t had a chance to catch up - this week we held the #126th town hall. And what a great set of presentations we’ve had from the music and game industries.

First, Session Cruz gave an overview of their Fund8 proposal to jump start Decentralized Music Platform efforts. This was the perfect intro into another industry that likely could not imagine its space without music - gaming. Marcin from Ada Quest shared their progress and close out on the game development proposal from Fund8. The video on town hall was a little spotty - so you can catch the original YT link here. Thank you to both gentlemen that came to represent their teams and share their vision of how blockchain can help make their respective industries a better place for all.

Check out the other funded projects via to learn more.

What’s the latest? Let’s dive right in.


Town Hall #126

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:bulb: Next: TH #127 on May 24th at 5PM UTC. Register now via this recurring link.

Voltaire Workshops

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This week in Voltaire, the conversations on CIP-1694 continue with the first workshops starting this weekend!

The workshops, which will take place from May to July, will explore the latest developments in Cardano’s on-chain governance proposed in CIP-1694. The in-person workshops will take place in over 20 locations worldwide, giving attendees the opportunity to network, confer, and collaborate with their local Cardano communities. On top of that, there will be over 25 virtual workshops, further opening opportunities to those who cannot attend in person.

An interactive map and further details are available on Essential Cardano.

What else?

Brought to you by Governance Guild and Swarm: a CIP-1694 discussion workshop! This is one of the workshops recently funded by CF/IOG/Emurgo to discuss the CIP and gather community feedback for the next in-person meeting. Governance Guild and Swarm cordially invite you to come along and make your voice heard.

When & Where? Saturday May 27 at 5PM UTC: Zoom registration link

Caught my attention - SPO poll

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SPOs and delegators in Cardano ecosystem are at the centre of this on-chain poll by Cardano Foundation. If you would like to learn more about how on-chain polls work - check out this documentation here. The on-chain poll is now live and anyone is encouraged to participate! The poll was specifically designed to address the entire Cardano community including SPOs and ada holders. Learn more and find out how to take part You can find above tweet here.

Last week in CIPs

Here’s the recap from my colleague Ryan Williams that writes these fantastic CIP round-ups. I figured you’d like them, too. So here’s the latest to get up to speed. You can catch past and future summaries via this Cardano forum thread here as well.

If you are unsure what CIPs are about - please check out this link to dive deeper:

RW: Continued Recommendations:

Next Meeting:

  • CIP Editors Meeting #67:
    • May 16th 4:30pm UTC
    • Held on Discord - here
    • Agenda TBC

Weekly GitHub Repo Round Up

One of the primary objectives this year is to make it easier for Community members to understand how Catalyst works on the technical side and to access the Catalyst technical backend to increase transparency in systems.

This repo is the starting point and we’re seeking improvements to it throughout the months to come. For now, feel free to bookmark the pages and lurk around as we get it ready:

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