Catalyst Weekly #90 - Town Hall #141 - Time to cast your vote!

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The time has finally come! You can go ahead and cast your votes until 11AM UTC on Sep 14. Fancy keeping an eye on what’s taking place? Check out the audit section further down below to learn more about it – or rewatch Mike McNulty’s presentation here.

So what’s the TLDR from the recent town hall? We had two amazing guests.

First, TapTools came down to town hall to share a bit about their journey and how their Fund9 funded project has gone to date. Secondly, we’ve seen an update from Petr Smelik about his success with Chasing the WADA dream documentary. Don’t miss it here.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Want to find others? Be sure to navigate to Funds Overview and look up your favorites to see where they are and how they’re doing. Unsure how it works? Check out this quick explainer video.

What’s the latest? Let’s dive right in.


Town Hall #141

Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 19.58.30

:bulb: Next: TH #142 on Sep 6 at 5PM UTC. Register now via this recurring link.

Cast your votes before Sep 14, 11AM UTC

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The Voting Period started on August 31st. It is scheduled to be open until September 14, 11AM UTC. You can check how to vote guide here.

How to audit snapshot, vote, and tally?

Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 20.27.19

Fund10 Official Snapshot

  • Eligible Registrations: 57,118 Wallets (-2% FoF)
  • Eligible Registered Stake: 4.48B ADA (+17% FoF)
  • Rewards Eligible Registrations: 9,060 Wallets (NEW)

Wish to audit the numbers yourself? Check out the guide in the knowledge base here. It’s as easy as…

  1. Install DbSync and Catalyst Snapshot Tools
  2. Produce raw snapshot given target slot number
  3. Process raw snapshot according to the official Fund Parameters

Would you like to take it to the next step and take a stab at the vote and eventually the tally as well? Follow the rest of the instructions as they get updated here.

Project Catalyst Fund10 proposals: forging the road ahead, together

This defining moment in Cardano’s history depends on community consent to evolve Catalyst into a self-sustaining and transformational innovation incubator. A platform where the Catalyst team will serve as a member of – and service provider for – the Cardano community. Catalyst must mature from a successful experiment into becoming a vital Cardano ‘institution’, working alongside other institutions like the Intersect member-based organization, community guilds, and alliances.

All ada holders have the right to explore every possibility for innovation and growth on Cardano. It is through Catalyst that participants are empowered to pursue their interests, take action, and unlock their true potential. Continue reading the blog post here.

Musings from Voltaire

This week in Voltaire, SanchoNet, an evolving technical testbed for CIP-1694’s on-chain governance actions, completes the second phase of its roadmap. This phase brings online DRep registration, delegation, and voting. The DRep will play a key role in governance within CIP-1694. Visit SanchoNet to learn more and join the conversation on Discord.

Intersect, a key institution for the ecosystem to shape and drive the future development of Cardano, celebrated its first town hall this week. Members received the latest update on the committees being formed and learned more about SanchoNet with a live demonstration. To attend next month’s town hall and get the latest news first, join Intersect today.

Caught my attention

Lido pioneering the way - probably - surely the first community led audit of snapshot? Yes, please. Well done, sir. Thank you for all you do. Original tweet.

Fund10 - Statement of Milestones Program

Based on the success of Fund9 pilot for Statement of Milestones program - Fund10 will see the full roll out across the entire fund. If you are curious to learn more about milestones generally - you can also reference to this page on GitBook.

Now, the Catalyst team is looking for new SoM/PoA Community Reviewers who will be responsible for reviewing Statement of Milestones (SoM)/ Proof of Achievements (PoA) in F10! We are specifically looking for community members from diverse backgrounds who will be able to take advantage of their own skills and knowledge to help keep funded projects accountable. From F10, each funded project will have to submit SoM and then provide PoA evidence to show that milestone was completed and receive funding for the next one. It is the next key step in transitioning the responsibility towards the community.

Those who are interested, please sign by the 7th of September 2023, fulfilling this Google form. Collection of data will allow us to assign reviewers with required skills to review certain SoMs/PoAs.

To note: Community Reviewers will be rewarded up to ₳350 for each SoM reviewed and up to ₳300 for each PoA reviewed. Final rewards will depend on the actual number of funded projects and milestones in Fund10.

For the first iteration, below are some of the key requirements:


  • Knowledge about the Catalyst ecosystem
  • Good command of English language
  • Good communicator with attention to detail
  • Able to review assigned and resubmitted SoMs/PoAs within a short (designated) time frame

Nice to Haves

  • Knowledge of at least one of the programming, scripting, and markup languages
  • Previous experience with a proposal preparation and/or proposal assessments/reviews
  • Previous experience with SoM/PoA reviews

Weekly GitHub Repo Round Up

Here’s the update from the technical side of Catalyst last week:

  • Registration & Snapshot
    • Fixed voting power for multiple registrations
    • Finalized snapshot and extracted final metrics
  • Innovation
    • Prepared and finalized all Fund10 data
    • Implemented a first version of reviews importer to download reviews from ideascale
    • Fixing tests for the new post Fund10 ideascale importer
    • Discussed how Catalyst might have a “ninja” fund in Ideascale to support dev/test
  • Vote & Tally
    • Completed fixes and deployed app to stores - ready to start Fund10 vote on schedule - still pending Android store approval
    • Reviewed Playwright as solution for automated UI testing
    • Earthly targets added to build mdbook including the Voting Node API documentation (…also to do unit testing, and set things up for development).
    • Finalized documentation for how to audit the vote - including reproducing the snapshot, following the active vote, and verifying the final tally

For full access please review:

Get in touch

And that’s a wrap. Let’s talk Catalyst & governance via twitter, or telegram, or reddit, or wherever is your home online and keep conversations engaging on these very important topics.

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