Category Scoping, Catalyst Community Discussion

The final workshop had a few objectives easily summarized:

Objective 1: voting options yes/no/abstain/downvote
Largely discussion around the demotivating effect of downvoting. Some with qualifiers like it would be ok for big ADA proposals or that votes should deplete your voting power

Objective 2: challenge/category teams and what they do (largely re: moving proposals)
Discussion focused around how collaboration would improve the situation when a proposal may need to be moved to another category. An idea formed together in the workshop which was well received:

  1. Anyone can flag a proposal for movement however they must include their rationale for the request and state where they think the proposal should go.
  2. A group is charged with overseeing the process and managing appeals from proposers.

Objective 3: wrapping up these workshops before F11
Wrapping up we discussed what was reasonable to expect next, including how IdeaScale was voted in Fund 10 to be replaced, so new features are quite unlikely in IdeaScale. Also, that Fund 11 was coming up in November so limited time to implement some of these changes however they would be presented in summary documentation.

Thanks for anyone who has followed along :slight_smile:

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