CEO of Konfidio's Twitter feed is Politically Charged and Somewhat Lopsided

Hi everyone,
I know I post some crazy stuff on Twitter sometimes, but the twitter feed of the CEO of Konfidio, Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry, made me take a step back and look deeper. Of course Twitter is everyone’s own free speech and opinion.

I thought it was only fair that I let people know a little more about the CEO of one of the first big score of the Cardano Foundation partnerships. I had to scroll all the way to March 12th to find a reasonable post about Konfidio. The majority of his tweets and retweets are definitely a large quantity of anti-Trump posts, and appear to be partially anti-Christian biased and anti-American biased, I could be wrong about the Christian/USA thing but that is how it looks to me. Please correct me if I made any technical errors.

I don’t like talking politics on forums, so I am just going to post the tweets here and a link to his Twitter feed here to see for yourself.


Not saying it’s OK, but just for context, two things:

Nathan Kaiser (Cardano Foundation Council Chairperson) tweets a lot of anti-PRC stuff, which I’m sure many in that community and elsewhere would see as just as bad.

Like it or not, many high profile people in Europe and UK these days who would generally be very careful in what they say now feel free to criticize Trump and his administration in the strongest terms due to what they see as the extreme, abnormal nature of the current US political scene.

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I am well aware of how many Euro leaders dislike Trump. But the CEO of Konfidio is showing anti USA and anti Christian bias in his Twitter also, all while being the Chair of the Foundation against Discrimination Really???


He must watch mainstream media like CNN, MSNBC or read NY Times, etc! If he gets his news from these outlets then I feel sorry for him.

Many liberals distinguish between what they would see as “genuine” Christians and right-wing fundamentalists. The one thing liberals make a virtue of not tolerating is intolerance.

Not saying I should have the last word, but it might be good if we let this go very soon, if not now! :smile:

I think I need a shower after going on that guys Twitter feed.

Rick stop doing politics move ahead please…you did the same on telegram , if you like doing this use Your own twitter Thnku.

I believe that, overall, the forum would benefit if this thread was deleted. I’ve already suggested that to Rick. (But don’t know his timezone, might be asleep.)

This thread is starting to drifting apart from a mature conversation. There’s no need to start with insults here, no matter how much you disagree with someone’s point of view.


Definatly he should delete this post not doing any good for what we are here , we have many other platform to discuss this but not here .

You should ask rick he started all this.

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