Changing from one wallet to another

I am using Daedalus 3.3.2 on Mac. I have created a wallet where I stored my ADA and delegated to a pool (OCEA3 for that matter - I don’t know how to chose a pool, I saw it’s green so I assumed it’s a good choice).
Now I have received my Ledger Nano X and I had to create a new wallet. I then transferred my ADA from the old wallet to my new Nano wallet and everything went fine.
I left ~ 1.54 ADA in the old wallet.
The questions are:

  1. We are in epoch 255 it seems I am delegating from my old wallet to the pool in this epoch and also in epoch 256. I am only able to change the delegation only for epoch 257. Will I receive any rewards relative to the old amount in the wallet? Or only for 1.54 ADA I currently have in it?
  2. Is there any way to transfer these remaining 1.54 ADA to the new Nano wallet? What is the amount I have to keep in the old wallet? Have I kept not enough? I simply want to have only the Nano wallet in the end with everything consolidated there and delegate from there.


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Hi @AltitudeDashboard,

So answering your questions:

  • Yes, you will still receive the rewards for epoch 255 with the snapshot of your wallet at that time. And you will receive also rewards for epoch 256 and so on depending on the snapshot of your wallet in that epoch.
  • You can transfer the remaining 1.54 ADA, plus your deposit 2 ADA from delegation to your Ledger Nano X (Daedalus wallet). What you need to do is UNDELEGATE your old wallet from stake pool. You will receive back 2 ADA. In this case, you will have 2 ADA + 1.54 ADA. Try to send it to your Ledger Nano X. Calculate the transaction fee (around ~0.17 ADA). So send around 3.37 ADA.

Check this topic to UNDELEGATE your old wallet


As what @Alexd1985 said in that topic, I don’t find the feature of UNDELEGATE in Daedalus 3.3.2. Another 2nd option is to use Yoroi to undelegate your old wallet (see that topic also). You can just restore your old Daedalus wallet in Yoroi. And just follow the step to UNDELEGATE.

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Import ur wallet in yoroi and undelegate the wallet (press undelegate/withdraw rewards and deregister the keys), this way u will receive back the 2 ADA cost for delegation.

Keep 1 ADA in the old wallet and move the rest of them on ledger and delegate them

Wait 2 epochs then move the last rewards received in old wallet to ledger… after that u can delete the old wallet



I have restored the “old” Daedalus wallet in the Yoroi Chrome extension using the recovery phrase but I cannot see the UNDELEGATE option.

Go to your wallet in Yoroi > see the Total Rewards > click the Withdraw button > choose Deregister

Deregistering the staking key will give you back your deposit and undelegate the key from any pool

See this official guide from Yoroi (just follow the procedure, see the screenshot)


U must press the withdraw /rewards button (check the unregister keys box) check also the balance before and after… u should receive 2 ADA back

@andreassosilo already answered… I didn’t saw


Got it! Thanks!

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