Changing the Game on Cardano | Game Changer Wallet

The ultimate wallet experience for the Web, with native #NFT and #token features, powered by #Cardano and third party applications

We are currently looking for contributors for the BETA v2 release, GameChanger Wallet, for Cardano

This video has a blazing fast over view of all the updates in gamechanger V2: GameChanger Wallet V2 Beta Launch - YouTube

Main Features
Create, Import and switch between Wallets
Multi-Asset, Multi-Output Sending
Simple and Professional NFT Minting
Use and Create DAPPs

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Website - GameChanger Wallet, for Cardano


I don’t like the fact that it immediately creates a burner wallet on first visit. That’s just too risky for users imho, not everyone reads all those warnings.

Also, no staking??? That’s not really game changing…


Hey @brouwerQ

Thanks for the feedback on Gamechanger Wallet. The team is working hard to address those items you listed, specifically the staking. If you’re interested to see how Gamechanger is changing the game, please join us in testing the BETA version of V2. The link provided is for the beta preproduction testnet and it includes a referral link from the wallet I use as The Hard Fork, as a business.

If you or anyone else is interested in the testnet and would prefer to not use that link, then use the the link provided in the origin post here:

There is a video there that shows what the team has been working on regarding staking. V2 includes multi-delegation with multi-stake addresses.

In the beta version of the wallet, there’s a notification feature with this message:

This is an early beta for the community, hope you enjoy it but use it with caution as things may break.

The first stage of the beta program will take place on Cardano Pre-Production Testnet.

Once we meet some further development and testing milestones we will launch the final stage on Cardano Mainnet.

What’s new?

Since 2021 empowering users with freedom and low barreer access, after a year of hard work, this are the biggest milestones reached so far:

  • Mult-account: Modern, multiple account support - for users, dapps and DAOs. see Workspaces
  • Multi-sig: Modern, decoupled transaction signing based on API plugins
    • manual: off-chain, manual or API handled Signature Packages
    • on-chain: multi-transaction broadcasts and reply discovery powered by GCFS
  • Multi-transaction: Modern multiple transaction handling for heavy batch operations, in API and user interface as well
  • GCFS: GameChanger File System, our on-chain file storage protocol for Cardano Blockchain
  • Workspaces: our cutting edge, API driven, settings standard for modern wallets
  • API v2: Dapps or users can connect using GCScripts, a powerfull low code JSON based DSL
    • complex scripting: extending APIv1 design, long code blocks, code reusability, argument passing, preprocessor stage
    • enhanced anonymicity: based on APIv1 design, pipelined code can avoid disclosing any wallet specific data to dapps
    • perpetual dapps: the GameChanger Standard for Dapps
    • schema: open, modular, extendable API schema
    • documentation: auto-generated API documentation
  • Dapp Connector: Advanced, multi-transport, dapp connector with live debugging features
  • Open Wallet: almost all mayor wallet features are now API dapp connections, allowing the user to live audit, clone and customize our code
  • Playground IDE: Improved developer environment for API v2
    • new IDE design - new File menu, transport and priviledge mode selection, export debugger
    • Deploy Tab - code and file GCFS uploader for creating or updating DiskNFTs
    • Connect Tab - better URL encoding algorithm
    • Doc Explorer
    • New Demos - new demos, including advanced ones. More are coming soon.
  • Smart Contracts: support for Plutus V1/V2 script witnesses, powered by APIv2
  • Multi-delegation: Multiple stake delegation and reward withdrawals, powered by APIv2
    • Stake Pools - list of all active pools with search box and delegation features.
  • Discovery: A unified menu to find it all
  • much more…

Thank you Catalyst Voters, we are a small team and we got a bit delayed but here are our first results, more is coming…


The wallet Notification Inbox will be our primary communication channel to broadcast you latest news, events, links and other info.

Reboots and deprecations

Eventually API schema, protocols and data formats may change during the Beta Program, be prepared to face this scenario while testing or developing, you may lose funds and data if you don’t backup everything in advance, like:

  • recovery phrases
  • list of addresses
  • workspace configurations
  • child wallet key pair derivation paths
  • child wallet address credentials
  • native scripts and other workspace artifacts
  • code and data files uploaded to GCFS

Decentralized Backend

As you may know so far, GameChanger Wallet is a non custodial web wallet powered by a decentralized network of backend nodes runned by our partners Dandelion APIs, it is expected to experience some backend downtimes during the first stages of this community effort. If you want to join as operator, maintainer or just contribute to this great project please get in touch. Dandelion Node Operators may receive incentives in the near future.

API Migration

The new GameChanger Wallet API v2 is a very powerfull set of functions that have completely surpassed V1 in many ways. This is the work of a year, a cutting edge low code API for dapps and advanced users in your hands now. We will deprecate V1 once this version turns into the main production release of the wallet. Please learn yourself a bit of GCScript, our Low Code JSON based API, and be prepared to migrate your dapps, DAO or SPOs operations to take this quantum leap forward with us.


We will try to reply on official public channels but we ask the community to engage and help others whenever they can.

We are a small team and we will focus mainly on building, there is much more coming soon.

There will be eventually QA sessions every week with the community or some other type of guidance such as tutorials and new Playground Demos

Please unless on testnet (and only if you are not reusing the same keys elsewhere for example), DO NOT SHARE PERSONAL OR PRIVATE INFORMATION with anyone, including Express Wallets. This is a non custodial wallet, you are your own bank, nobody else is.


Join us

Whether as an active member of our community or as a developer looking to innovate with us, doors are always open.

Thanks for being part of the web of tomorrow

—Adriano Fiorenza and the GameChanger.Finance team

Also, no staking??? That’s not really game changing…

The burner wallet as default is different for Cardano and it does require some additional education along with some onboarding materials but the single most important reason for the automatic creation of the default burner wallet is to accelerate onboarding. This feature is inspired by The Burner Wallet Collective, which is common to ethereum.

The warnings are pretty well displayed in my opinion and we are always looking for ways to improve the experience so thank you for the feedback and if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Once a user has onboarded completely by either creating a new wallet, or importing a wallet(I recommend importing a wallet with a small balance and limited NFs that is delegated to a stake pool. It’s the current work around that I use), it’s possible to eject the burner wallet if desired.

Gamechanger also includes the option to create an express wallet and a gift wallet, which is unique IMO. In the express wallet tab, you’ll see the advanced options button. This is where the gift wallet option can be found.

This is a gift wallet on the beta preproduction testnet.
It’s for sending gifts, shared custodial wallet.

I’ll drop some coins and tokens in there for you or anyone that wants to send me a DM>

Another feature coming in V2 is the introduction of workspaces.
This allows native in wallet DAO management, multi-sigs, and shared treasury viewing and management.

Also within the DAO setting is the option for multi-delegation.

Gamechanger Wallet is currently live on mainnet and has been for over a year and a half of two years.
There’s an absolute goldmine of functionality already in the wallet.

The goal of Gamechanger is to put the power of Cardano, of the eUTXO model, into everyone’s hands, from minting NFTs to buildings dapps, from supply chain to embedding DApps into IoT, it has something for everyone, everywhere.

Thank you for the feedback, it’s something we are working on. If you have the burner wallet, please continue the journey with us and let’s improve the experience together and along the way, we can Turn Cardano Into The Blockchain Of The Web

Please join the discord or reach out on twitter.


Realmente una Wallet hermosa y revolucionaria. Saludos

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